It’s hot finally…

Summer finally decide to come and we are enjoying the hot, humid weather outside. I am starting to show that part of my heritage that isn’t Scots-Irish. (Okay, I am neither blond haired, nor blue eyed (except when I am very angry)) I am enjoying getting my exercise in the pool instead of on the Wii, and the Wii man was not nice about it being 14 days since he saw me last.

Which reminds me. I set a goal on the Wii every two weeks. Since when is two weeks, not fourteen days. Apparently in Wii land, it’s not, because he told me I’d been away 14 days, yet I had been gone too long for my last goal. Which I made by the way. But no hurrah from Wii man, because in his world 14 days in not two weeks.

So that’s what I have been up to lately. Reading books, swimming, tanning, and not Wiing. (or is it Wiiing?)
Hope all you dad’s out there have a very special Father’s day. It would’ve been a big one for my dad if he were still here, but since he’s not, I will be spending it with my two favorite boys.


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