It’s been an incredibly busy week as #1, Hubby and I spent it going to Student Orientation. We spent two hot, humid, mind numbing days learning every thing we could about his new college. He is now registered for classes, has a meal plan, a room mate that we haven’t met yet, a dorm room, but we don’t know the number, will have books ordered in a few days, waiting on the colleges computers. He’s seems like he’s matured a year in 48 hours.

It was so hard driving him up there, and dropping him off. Immediately they sought to divide and conquer. Our group, Hubby and I, had to go in one line, he and his group another. Once we were done with registering, our lines were in two different rooms and we didn’t see him again until the next night.

But it was good for us. All of our questions were answered and we feel like he’s ready for this grand adventure. He seems taller, his voice deeper. My worry lines, stronger. The gray no longer just at the temple. LOL

Tomorrow he starts his very first job. No longer his he my baby. Oh, he’ll always be my little boy, but I can see the man he is going to be and you know. I really think I am going to like him, a lot. I’ve always loved the little boy. Enjoyed his company, his outlook on life, his smile, his laugh. But this man is strong of character, soft spoken, gentle, kind.

I am going to miss having him around the house. Can you get childsick? I know he’s only about 80 minutes away, but he’s going to be busy, and he’s got that new life with new friends. Hopefully, he’ll get a little homesick from time to time and come home and see us. We can pretend we didn’t miss him, while he pretends he just needed to do some laundry. And all will be right in the land of teenagedom around here for another school year.

Oh, yeah, that’s right, I forgot, I have another senior. Did I mention that yet? Here we go again. And did I mention the senior citizen who plans on driving me crazy as well?


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