This is my life…

Okay, so here it is in all it’s furry detail. What I have done today:
Taken a bath.
Called the doctor to fill a prescription-they weren’t in.
Driven to the local community college with #1 to have the classes he took in high school transferred to his college. They were closed.
Got hit by a rock that broke his windshield.
Groomed a cat
Bathed a dog.

Yup, that is the excitement that is my summer. The cat was bald when we put her outside a year ago. She literally had no fur on her at all. She would groom and groom until she was totally bald. Today, I threatened to shave her bald. She has been so happy outside that she’s apparently too busy to groom at all. So we had to hold her down and comb all those mats out of her long haired behind. And does she ever have a mouth on her.

The dog is a little easier. He has a choice. Sit on the back deck alone in 92 degree heat, or get a bath and play with the kids inside in the AC. Guess which one he takes. He loves to take a bath. The only problem I have with him is I hate sending him out to potty once he’s done because I know he’s going to find the first mud hole he can find.

So there you have it. The most exciting summer vacation ever. Wonder if TLC would like to film my family 24/7. We don’t yell at each other. We bathe animals, and try to get into decent colleges. We try and keep the kitchen clean and laundry caught up. The kids art work from Kindergarten (no joke) is still hanging in my office, the kids are 18,17, 11.
We aren’t hard to follow. #1 is in front of his TV watching old movies about space. #2 is at a friend’s house, #3 is in front of the computer, building her roller coaster. Me, I am on the couch, reading a book. The camera crew could set up cameras on tripods and take month long vacations. LOL

They’d need one more camera for the kitchen to record the constant stream of kids eating. The main conversation at our house these days is “What’s for Lunch, Dinner?” My reply, “I don’t know, what sounds good?” Because I know, no matter what I suggest, someone isn’t going to want it. So we have been eating whatever we want for the last week. You are on your on. You fix it, you eat it, you clean up after it. It’s so hot, really nothing sounds good. We’d eat watermelon three meals a day, except for it’s not all that nutritiously sound. So we try and fill in with soups, salads, tuna. Light easy to fix meals that don’t require stoves. Yup, it’s the dog days of summer. So give the pooch a bath, let him suck up some AC while he dries, throw some cold meat on the table for dinner, and take a nap with a good book on the couch. Our caveman ancestors would have done the same thing.


5 thoughts on “This is my life…

  1. Today: Read a book, took #1 to the doctor, did two loads of laundry (sheets), made lunch, then had to come up with dinner because they wanted to eat yet again, went to the pharmacy to pick up #1’s prescription and hit the computer in the evening. Yep, if the camera’s think your house is boring, they should come to mine!

  2. I think that may be my house. LOL Today we are going to sit by the pool and cut grass. Maybe watch it grow some more. Yup, we are the most exciting family ever!

  3. Because it’s my blog and they are all genealogy related in my blog.

  4. It’s just that when I do a search on the tag “genealogy” in WordPress, i expect to see only genealogy related posts, that’s all.

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