Why is it genealogy related?….

A commenter wanted to know why a post was marked genealogy related, when she apparently didn’t think the post had anything to do with genealogy. Well you see, dear poster, this is my blog. It is about me researching my ancestors. Or rather, why I sometimes don’t get to research my ancestors. Okay, most of the time it is about why I don’t get to research my ancestors over how I do.

You see, dear poster, I have three kids, an elderly mother, a part time job, a devoted husband, a dog with an allergy to yeast, a cat who apparently can only grow hair outside and when she does, she does it to extreme, an active church life… need I go on. At times, I have every intention of doing genealogy. I even post how tomorrow I am going to work on genealogy all day.

Then I get up, and realize I will not be doing genealogy, because one of my many fine descendants is well, to put it mildly, throwing up. And that my one remaining ancestress needs me to come immediately (mom never needs me to come later this week) to help her with something. And so genealogy once again goes on the back burner.

But I think it’s that way for most of us, dear poster. Most of us love our hobbies, and think we would love to do them 24/7 with no interruptions whatsoever, but we would find if we were locked in a room with only our computers, microfilm, an ancestry.com membership and countless hours of free time that our hobby would cease to be a hobby and rather would become a chore. No, it is when I am dealing with a crises set in motion by one of my many fine descendants that I realize I want to know more about the ancestors that have gone before me. Which ancestor before me didn’t seem to be able to get up in the morning? Which had the inability to keep their home clean? It is in those hours sitting in carpool lines that I long for time to sit and just enter new data.

But it’s true, sometimes I blog about things that aren’t about my research as much as about the things that keep me from my research.

So, Why is the post marked genealogy related?
Because it’s my blog, and I mark them all that way.

No other good reason but that.


One thought on “Why is it genealogy related?….

  1. ROFL…I try so hard to tag my posts accurately, but a good system has, so far, eluded me. Yours works as well as any and if it works for you, really, that is all that matters.

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