I have an ancestor that fits each and every…


Today on his blog, the Genealogue posted the top ten reasons our ancestors came to America
10. Took wrong turn at Bering land bridge.

Pretty sure I have a few ancestors that were caught up in #10 and they later became known as Lannoms. Those poor people still don’t know their lefts from their rights.

3. Sick of having unpronounceable names.
Heck, I married for this reason alone. LOL

2. Wanted the right to vote on behalf of their wives.
And get property on behalf of their wives and make decisions and ….

1. Hoped to one day be listed on Ellis Island website.
Unfortunately, not one of my ancestors had this desire. Not one. In fact, all of my ancestors were living it what would become the United States by the time it became the United States, with the exception of two lines I haven’t traced back far enough to be sure if they were or not. If they are the children of the people I think they are, they were here as well.

If you haven’t checked out the genealogue, I highly suggest you do though. He has the funniest look at genealogy I have ever seen.

As for my ancestors. Most of them came here in ships, settled in places with names like New Amsterdam, migrated as new states were formed and ended up in TN shortly before it became a state, where they stayed for about 7 generations until I was born. Not an exciting genealogy, but one that follows the history of a nation. And on this 4th of July weekend, I have to wonder, where in history were each of my ancestors, common men and women. They weren’t writing declarations of independence, they were just farming and raising children and living their lives, much as Hubby and I are now. More affected by what was going on in their own household than by the politics of the day, like what was for supper and was the laundry done than westward expansion or Lewis and Clark. Yup, I come from just good ole common folk. Who came from other places, to here to have a better life and like most everyone else’s ancestors who did the same, they made here a better place to live. They did it by farming and selling their goods, teaching their children their values and living their simply lives. Not sure what their reasons really were for coming to America. Just glad that they did.


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