Do you feel like life sucks you by?…

I just feel like summer just got started, since we just got #1’s college stuff figured out and are settling into a routine and Hubby had some vacation time. I had some fun genealogy time on Saturday afternoon and got to try out the new familysearch pilot. They are adding stuff at incredible rates now and it’s getting so easy to look for people there. It’d make me proud to be LDS if I was one, but since I am not, I will just say I am proud to be a genealogist.

At any rate, here I was just mozying along life’s highway, hoping that after the grocery store, I might have some free time to see if I could look some more for ole Susan, and I get an email from the band director about band camp, which is in two weeks! Oh my gosh! Because around here band camp is the end of summer, it means new school clothes, new school supplies, it means open house, and back to school. And that’s just my school.

I admit, I am fighting a new school year tooth and nail. I am not ready. Maybe it’s because summer hasn’t been long enough, or because my baby will be going away, or I know what that senior year roller coaster is like and I am not ready for that ride again. But I am putting my foot down. I refuse to go forward. Yup, that’s it. The earth is stopping right here, today. What day is it? My computer calendar says July 6.

Now I know that’s now possible. Kids growup, we all grow older, life goes on, but I feel like it’s sucking me by today. I just want to slow down a little. Maybe go for a stroll. Or maybe a run like #2 and her boyfriend. I’m sure they feel the same way, since he will be going into the Navy soon. So they are trying to spend as much time together as possible. Summer probably seems too short for them too.


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