Ancestry changes name again?…

Or was it Generations Network changing to I swear I can’t keep up. Why do they change their name so often? Isn’t stationary expensive? I knew something was up when all my RSS feeds were full this morning. Something big was going down in the genealogical community for all the big name bloggers to all post at once.

But why just change the name? No, there have to be other changes coming as well. Restructuring? Downsizing? Regrouping? There has to be some reason why a company would change it’s name. And I don’t think cheap stationary is the reason.

So will this name change be good for the genealogical community? Good for We’ll have to wait and see of course. I noticed they were offering discounts on yearly memberships the other day, so I guess if you were looking to renew, it might be a good time to do so. As Dick Eastman, tongue in check stated, it has been good business for some sign painter in Provo, but has it been good business for the Generations Network? Or maybe he’s right, most of us haven’t ever cared? We assumed they were all owned by the same company to begin with.

Let’s hope this time the union between and the Generations Network will be a marriage made in Heaven. Their pedigree charts are starting to get messy.


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