My hands smell like bleach…

No, I haven’t been cleaning today. The kids wanted to swim and the pool was in desperate need of some chemicals and apparently that’s a mom’s job. LOL So I now smell a little like bleach. Did clean yesterday and did a lot of genealogy searching. Didn’t find a soul. That’s the way it goes most days isn’t it.

Today I have been working on our church’s website and now my head hurts. Could be the bleach smell though. #1’s girlfriend spent the night with #2 and the girls have been hanging out all day and we haven’t really done much of anything. I spent the day yesterday looking for Susan Markham and couldn’t find her so I am offering you guys a challenge.

How many different ways can you spell Blaylock or Markham?

Just say the names out loud in your heads, and then type the way it sounds into a comment. Type as many comments as you want, or put them all into one comment. I need as many ideas as possible for ways to search for Susan and Jenny.

Here’s the deal.

Virginia Caledonia Markham was the daughter of Susan Markam and possibly Bill Blaylock. She went by Jennie or Jane. She was born between 1863 and 1866. Looking for her and Susan in 1870. Supposedly they were born in Tennessee. I believe that Susan was a Markam by birth, but she could have married and divorced a Markam. She was listed as Single on the 1880 census. Jennie spelt the name Markham on her marriage record. Susan spelt it Markam on the 1880 census. So there you have it two ways to spell Markham. Be creative. Maybe you can come up with a spelling I haven’t come up with.


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