Sinus, sinus go away…

Just trying to enjoy some rather cool summer time weather we have been having lately, but alas, sinus headache has been a killer this week. Whatever normally blooms in late September must be blooming now because of the cool weather, because I am having unseasonably weird sinus attacks. Makes it hard to work for long times at the computer.

Band camp is going on this week as well, which means I am back to school gathering. You know, paper, pencils, ink pens, book bags, tennis shoes.

I will be working this year in the 4s again! M, W, F like I wanted. I am so excited. I will have two days off this year instead of one which will give me one day to clean house and one day to spend with someone very special, my mom. She will be finally living here near us and she and I will be able to do genealogy, or go shopping or what ever we want on that second day, so I am glad that God put on my heart that I wanted to have a second off day this year.

My best friend brought the practice grandkids over yesterday. Man have they grown up this summer. Last summer, the youngest one couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool, so we had to stand in the pool and hold him so that he could “swim” and try and talk. This year, he was diving off the side of the pool into the deep end. We could sit and talk and they could swim without us even having to watch, though we were both diligent to do so because we love them so much. I am so proud of how much they have grown up from little bitty babies. We had such a good time watching them dive and swim and show off and we caught up on our summer, seems like we haven’t seen each other in ages. It was therapy for both of us. LOL

Haven’t been doing much genealogy lately. Hard to concentrate with my sinuses hurting. Just wanted to keep you posted that I was still alive though. Hope to get back to a normal routine very soon. What is it about summer that makes us so lazy?


One thought on “Sinus, sinus go away…

  1. Ouch. I just finished recovering from sinus surgery: and I feel your pain. Check my site out for some ideas or links to help you out. I like your chore list on the side, that’s funny. At least school is coming up. The house will be quieter.

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