Well, you know it’s not good when you are greeted by the mom at the door with hand sanitizer and an apology. That’s how my best friend greeted me yesterday when she came to pick up her oldest after taking the youngest to the doctor.

“So what do we have?” I asked.

“Type A Influenza, I’m sorry.” She replied.

“No biggy, schools starting back soon anyway.” I answered.

So she took her little one home to get lots of fluids and plenty of rest like the doctor ordered and I started the watchfulness of a mom whose kids have been exposed. He has a mild case of the flu and if we get it, we get it, nothing we can do. We were with him on several occasions before he started showing symptoms. And if we do get sick, at least we have time to get well before school starts back.

Poor little guy we was just miserable yesterday. So today we are going to watch it rain and maybe go do a little shopping just to get out of the house and get some comfort foods in case we do get sick. Everyone’s been washing hands as if that will help now. LOL


2 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Ugh, the flu? Fingers crossed that you don’t get it. That would be a bummer of a way to finish off summer.

  2. He’s actually feeling much better and we are showing no signs so far at all. I think it’s still pretty mild. If we do, we’ll at least not have to worry later in the season.

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