Are virtual funerals next?

I called mom to see what time I needed to be at her house for a doctor’s appt tomorrow and we were talking about last minute details and scheduling issues, when she asked me if I knew a cousin was in the hospital with an aneurysm. No, I replied I hadn’t heard. How would I? Well, seems he’d announced it on Facebook. My cousins are big on Facebook, I haven’t yet seen what all the hoopla is about. But apparently one of my cousins Mom sees had read it on Facebook and told her and she assumed I had read it on Facebook. Since I hadn’t, I was glad she told me, but it got me to wondering…

In the last two weeks I have heard of people…

announcing their divorce on Facebook
quitting a job on Facebook
telling family of upcoming surgeries on Facebook
sharing pictures of camps and new babies

Is the wave of the future going to be streaming video of weddings and funerals where I can go and watch uncle John’s funeral at my leisure on Facebook? No need to get dressed up and drive for hours to meet a pre-appointed time to mourn the dear departed. I will just go to my computer, and watch the video of the widow as she cries in front of the casket. Then the minister will have his say, and then their will be flyover video ala-OJ of the ride to the cemetery where we will have our choice of watching the full burial or just the body being lowered into the ground. Then we will be able to leave virtual flowers at the gravesite.

In between Yoville and Mofiawars, I can surf between one virtual funeral to the next. I can leave comments, virtual flowers, or virtual stuffed animals. I can tag the deceased in one of my pictures from high school.

You think it’s a little far fetched, but I betcha somebodies already done it. We just haven’t seen the video on Youtube yet.


3 thoughts on “Are virtual funerals next?

  1. Hi Teresa

    My paternal grandma died in Australia in 2004 with her two youngest children and their families in support. A very large part of her family were over here in the UK and unable to attend her funeral.

    A couple of weeks later I received a small parcel through the post, when I opened it, there was a video and a letter which didn’t explain what the video was of.

    Very inocently I put the video on and got the biggest shock I have ever had. It was of my grandma’s funeral. I must admit that it was very tastefully done [well, as much as it could be] and you didn’t see her coffin at any point. My cousins explanation was that they wanted us to feel part of it and to be able to see the flowers we’d sent through Interflora.

    I still don’t know whether I am glad that I watched it or not. Yes, her death was easier to accept, but even now it seems very ghoulish. My dad has the video but hasn’t watched it, and I don’t think he ever will.

    As for Facebook, my sister in Chicago went back to school last year and is now a Nursing Assistant at a cancer clinic and on her application form they actually asked her for her Facebook address. She didn’t put it on the form but when she went for the interview itself they said that they knew she had one as she knew someone who was already working there.

    I am in my early 50’s and have silver hair and in no way am I against change but there must be limits. The internet must be hailed as one of the biggest and best inventions ever but we seem to be losing our sense of responsibility towards others.



  2. I was dragged kicking and screaming into FB last fall. In fact, it was how I first connected with LoveAphid. That said, I think I’m too old for FB. Or maybe I just have the wrong personality. I don’t want to tell you a) I woke up, b) I walked downstairs, c) I did laundry and so on and so forth. I just don’t have that much to say…seriously…my life is pretty mundane and anything at all that does occur to me as the least bit interesting is on my blog, anyway. It does work as a quick way to keep in touch with younger relatives and friends all over the world (my younger brother is in Rota, Spain; his wife in Anaheim, CA). So, I’ll pass on the virtual funeral, but won’t be surprised when one comes.

    P.S. Did you hear about the Best Buy executive job search that had a) graduate degree and b) more than 250 followers on Twitter as two of the job requirements? Seriously. See? I’m old.

  3. I have had recorded funerals. My uncles was. My aunt sent it to me since I was unable to attend. But that seems a little more different than online for then entire world to watch like Michael Jackson’s was. Maybe we are just showing our ages. The younger girls at church put everything their kids do on Facebook. I worry about those poor kids in the future. I wonder is the Internet our generations tower of babel? Like Erin, I don’t think anyone wants to read I got up, took meds for headache, started washer, let dog out, took shower, ate breakfast, went to work… I’d bore the entire internet by lunchtime.

    But seriously Lin, shouldn’t a video like that come with some kind of warning label? Shouldn’t the viewer have a choice as to whether they watch or not? Shouldn’t it warn parents of small children?

    Yup, I am getting too old. I’d be hard fetched to get 250 people in the world who would be that interested in how often I do my white clothes. LOL

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