Just checking in…

Just got in from Mom’s. She had some tests she had to do yesterday and so I had to go and stay with her since they had to put her to sleep. So we just got home from her house and I am tired from not sleeping and driving. I never sleep good away from home and since I had one ear awake in case she needed anything I really didn’t sleep well. The test went well though and she is doing fine. I am certainly glad to be back home.

It’s nice outside here, but Hubby said the pollen was high. He is inside avoiding the a sinus headache, and since I didn’t sleep well, I think I am going to take an afternoon nap and enjoy a nice dinner at home with him.

This is our last week of summer before school starts back and so I am going to be busy getting the house back into shape for me to be gone during the day. Seems I do more housework when I work than when I am at home full time.

Then tonight I think I will work on my genealogy for a while. I have about given up on Susan Markham for a while. I just don’t think she was enumerated in 1870. Or if she was, she wasn’t using a name I’d think to look for her under. So I am going to move to another ancestor for a while and enjoy the thrill of finding things again for a while. Or maybe scan some more documents. Haven’t done that in forever. Whatever I do, I definitely need to get back to my genealogy bug again. It’s been too long.


One thought on “Just checking in…

  1. I can’t believe school is already starting up again for you guys. Even the “early starting” schools here aren’t starting until 8/27.

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