5 Random Blessings…

Our pastor asked us what we were thankful for? Had we counted our blessings lately? So here they are in no certain order are only 5 random things I am thankful for:

1) My mom is moving closer to us very soon and will be able to hang out with us whenever we want (and even when we don’t). That means we can eat dinner with her, go shopping, she can watch #2 march, #3 cheer, go to church with us, hang out by the pool and we can just do nothing together without having to leave before it gets dark.
2) My computer keyboard lights up. Certainly makes typing in the dark easier.
3) I will be working with my four year olds again this year, meaning once again I will get paid to play with play dough. Yes, to all those moms who leave your child with us, your child is loved throughout the day and yes, spending time with your child is therapy for me as much as having time away is therapy for you.
4) My son is excited about going to college and has all his classes picked out and is just waiting until the first day of school. It seems like yesterday we were praying for a child and it didn’t seem like it was going to be God’s will for us to have one, and now we have three and the oldest one is off to college. My how time flies.
5) That I was only able to pick 5, because I picked that number out of a hat, not because I only had 5 blessings in my life this week. God has shown me that He loves me so much this summer and that He was in control in so many ways, despite me worrying about things anyway (isn’t that what we moms do?) and I am blessed beyond measure in so many ways. Yes, Lord, I got that little joke between just the two of us. And I thank you for leading me through this summer and allowing me to see three children come to know Jesus through VBS. I know it wasn’t what I did that got them there, but it was still awesome to be a part of the process!

If I were to count all my blessings, I think they would number more than the sands on the beach. So I want bore you with all of them, just these 5. But I will be naming the rest one by one, because each of those blessings came to me this summer not by my own hand, not by the worrying I did far more than my fair share over, but by the grace of God.

Yup, I am counting my blessings. From big to small. Care to join me. Name 5 of your own from this summer. Could be you had a great garden, or a child who had good grades? Maybe your husband got a promotion, or your house just reappraised? Don’t consider it bragging if you give credit to the Maker of all creation and the Creator of all blessings. Join me on this Sunday evening and count your many blessings?


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