A Genealogy Deal to Good To Pass Up

For all my non-genealogy readers, and for those who are genealogists, for the month of August, Footnote is offering the use of the 1930 census to everyone for FREE! That’s right, you can look up your ancestors for free on their website for a whole month for free. Now that means that most of us adults can find all four of our grandparents and possibly even a parent or two on the census. Parents, imagine how cool that will be for your kiddos to see grandpa or granny as a small child on the 1930 census. My parents weren’t born yet, but I did find all 4 of my grandparents. Still haven’t found my husband’s grandfather, who was looking for work somewhere between KY and Detroit, MI. Probably living in a boarding house and wasn’t enumerated.

So enjoy!


3 thoughts on “A Genealogy Deal to Good To Pass Up

  1. It’s fun and addicting isn’t it. Who famous can you find? Makes a good homeschool assignment for the kids as well. Give them some famous people and have them find them. Granted they need to be really old famous people like Marilyn Monroe (who wasn’t Marilyn Monroe as a child) but it’s fun for them to try and find them. And fairly easy with that search engine.

  2. Hint, If looking for Marilyn Monroe. She was born Norma Jean Mortenson, but by 1930, her mother had apparently married someone named Baker and divorced him. They are boarders living in someone else’s household. Norma Jean is listed as a 67 year old widow. It looks like the census taker got a line off. According to her biography at Wikipedia, “Gladys placed her with foster parents Albert and Ida Bolender” and this is where she was living in 1930, though Ida is listed as Edna E. by the census taker. Wonder who got left off the census that year? According to her biography, Gladys did not live with the Bolenders, so she was perhaps just visiting when the census taker came by that day.

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