The three best things about yesterday…

according to #3.

1) Daddy dancing the stanky leg on the 50 yard line at band camp.
2) Seniors won spirit day at band camp
3) She won section leader for the flutes

Yes, in that order!

My husband did the mandatory band meeting while I did a church meeting and the offer went up for any parent to come out on the field and dance the stankly leg (I was going to post a video, but I think I will let you search for them yourself. This is a G rated blog.:) ) with their children. #3 is on the 50 yard line through the entire marching show this year! and so dad went out and danced with her and she was so proud. He just didn’t get it. He would have been horrified if his parents had done something like that when he was a teenager, until I pointed out that of all the parents standing around watching, he’d gotten down and went on the field and danced with the kids, making a total fool of himself (yes, I am hoping someone was videotaping) and suddenly other parents started joining in the fun, when the kids started joining around him to dance. Of course she was proud of him. He was Mr. Cool dad who wasn’t afraid to be a teenager and hang with her friends, who all call him Mr. J, or Dad. She was cool via proxy. LOL Wish I could have been there, but if I had, I would have been the one doing the stanky leg and then I’d be the one on Youtube this morning under middle aged housewife dances stanky leg. God works in very mysterious and wondrous ways!

I was proud of her getting section leader. She worked really hard for it and I know she is really proud of herself. She’ll do a great job and what a way to end 7 years of marching!

On another note, Mom rented an apartment and started moving boxes! She is 8 miles from our house according to her odometer. She is so excited. Far enough away for all of us to have some privacy, yet close enough so that we can visit with each other and hang out. And just in time for fall football. But so help me if she gets out there and dances the stanky leg, I am moving to another state. This teenager has her limits.


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