Good news and not so good…

Today, #2 had an appointment with the cardiologist. I was dreading it. Not because I have SVTs. SVTs are when the heart beats really really fast in an accessory pathway and not through the AV node. They are not life threatening in my case, and are controlled, Praise God with medication, I could have an ablation and never have to take medication again. Nor was I dreading it, because her brother had WPW, or Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome, a deadly form of the same illness that required him to have an ablation last summer.

But when we got there, he sat down and explained to me and her that the chest pain she was having is just that. CHEST pain. Not heart pain. Her chest wall is hurting because she is growing. And her heart, Praise God is in really great condition. He explained that she does not have SVT or WPW, which the doctor confirmed last summer after her brother’s surgery, because in SVT, there is a rapid heartbeat, and she isn’t having a rapid heartbeat. And in WPW, it shows up on an EKG, and her EKG does not show WPW! So Praise God, we won’t be having to go through another ablation this fall!

But then I went to the doctor. My face was killing me. I have been having trouble with pain that was like a stinging along my cheekbone like a bee sting. I thought it was sinus, but yet no fever, no drainage, no real indication that it was sinus other than just my face would hurt for about 5 days and then it wouldn’t hurt for about a week and then we’d repeat. I wasn’t sure if this was some new kind of migraine, or if I had a sinus infection or what, so I decided to just let the doctor decide. So I went to the doctor and here’s the diagnosis. Ear infection-right ear. Near ear infection-left ear. Sinus infection.

So I came home, feeling fine. Took all the medications she gave me (well, gave is a relative term.) and now I feel worse. LOL
The nurse came in to take my vitals and looked at my temp and just shook her head. 96.7 Yes, that is correct. 96.7. That says to me that their office was a little cool. My normal if I am up and busy is usually 97.4. If it goes to 98.6, I am usually feeling pretty cruddy. If you see 99.5, I need to go to the doctor. 101 I need to be in the hospital. I just am not a person that can make a thermometer move.
My BP was 117/70. I was shocked at how high that was. Must be the sinus meds I have been taking. I am usually about 110/60ish. The big surprise was the one I expected them to comment on, but they didn’t have my full chart, so I guess they didn’t have anything to compare on. Thanks to the medicine I am taking for my migraines and the stress of this summer, (I am not a stress eater) since my physical last year, I have lost over 25 pounds. If my sinuses had been empty, it might have been a lot more. LOL

So it was all in all a good day. I hope the meds will kick in soon and I will start to feel better. It would be nice if when I had a sinus infection I showed some signs of being sick besides a bad headache. It’s impossible to know the difference between a sinus infection and a regular migraine and I can’t go to the doctor every time to figure out the difference. A little fever, or malaise would be nice, so I’d know it was something besides just head pain.

So by the time, I went to school at 7 to take pictures of #2 in her band uniform, went to work, went to the cardiologist, went back to work, went to my doctor, went to the pharmacist, ate supper, it is now almost bedtime, so no genealogy tonight. Had a great day at work. Good to be back in the routine again.


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