Open House…

It’s been a busy weekend at our house… #3 starts middle school this year and she had open house today. We had to meet 7 teachers and get seven sets of rules and find out what seven classrooms looked like all in an hour. (We had two hours-but it was really, really hot). We managed to meet all the teachers, catch up with friend we haven’t seen since May, most of whom wanted to know when #1 was leaving for college, and then we were able to head home to soak up some much needed AC. Because our middle school is in a really old building and though the classrooms have AC, the hallways do not. Take 200+ children. Add in 2ish parents per. 1-3 siblings per, mix them into a small hallway, with no AC, with 96 degree heat outside, and well… you guessed it, wearing blue jeans was not a wise attire choice.

So that is why we got done so quickly. The teachers, I am sure had long speeches planned on classroom behavior and how to treat your fellow man, but it changed into, if you have any questions, email me.

So she has now met all of her teachers, and I have too. Some of them I already knew, since I do have older children at the same school. Some I didn’t know.

So now we have written the lunch money check, filled out the forms, packed the back pack, bought the supplies, met the teachers, gotten new clothes… Now tomorrow I can stock up the pantry and the freezer with back to school foods. Yup, it’s back to routineville for us.

You know what that means don’t you? That means I will now have time to do genealogy again. Yeah I know, I had time all summer, but somehow, I just never seemed to make time to do it all summer. Somehow I just felt guilty doing it during the summer. But with them in school, when I do find free time, I don’t. I’m just weird that way. LOL


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