Home Sing Monday….

This will be my last Home sing MONDAY. This year, I will be doing Home Sing Tuesdays which fit my schedule better, but I will still be singing.
We be singing… Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to school we go. Actually I am off to the grocery store to restock the pantry, freezer and fridge for the month of August. I am such a horrible wife, mother, housewife in the summer months. More of a slug really. But now I am ready to get back into the swing of things, so today I am working on getting a new menu for August done, and then off to get what I need to cook those meals for 6! Yes, for a few weeks, we will be six, and then #3 will leave for college, and we will be back to five again.

I also have to, according to Hubby, purchase new tires for my car this week, and I have got to do some fall cleaning. We have kept the house neat and tidy, just don’t look behind doors, or under things. So this week, I am going to be dusting behind things and maybe even doing some curtains to get rid of dust bunnies that be lurking in the shadows, before we all head into the cold winter months. I find if I clean everything really good now, that our allergies seem to not be as bad during the winter months when we are inside and pent up. Plus it just feels good to do one room at a time and declutter and feel like I have accomplished something at the end of a lazy summer. 😉

I also will be venturing off to my own school some later in the week and mom will be bringing some more boxes down. A friend’s father passed away, and I promised I would help her with a celebration of his life memorial for this weekend. You see, we Christians are just weird that way. We do love our parents and we do mourn for them, but we celebrate that they are in Heaven and we celebrate that God gave us Christian parents while we were on earth, so we will take time out to celebrate a man, who raised his daughter up in the way she should go. What more of a testimony would you want for your child to say about you than that?

So in the remaining 2 hours of the day I might have left today, I think I am going to reread some of my old genealogy magazines I have stored around and just prop up my old feet. It’s going to be a busy week. At least I have run out of room in the little boxes on my calendar. LOL Maybe I need to learn to write smaller.

So here are a few more random things I am thankful for today:

1) First days of school and how excited kids are. Even those that hate school get excited about the first day.
2) My wonderful husband who loves me beyond measure, who is so strong and doesn’t ever seem to tire.
3) Washing machines. Can you imagine if we had to find time to wash clothes in wringer washers these days?! Since I wash clothes when I am asleep, at the grocery, while we are eating, when I leave in the mornings… when would I ever leave the house. LOL
4) My job, lots of people can’t say that these days. I am employed, at something I like to do, with people, I enjoy working with, and I got a raise. I may not make enough for us to live on, but it pays a few bills, gets me out of the house and keeps me sane. And it’s cheaper than therapy.
5) Prayer. Mine, yours, others, anybodies. I’ll take it anyway I can get it. 🙂

Yup, that’s just 5 more random things I am thankful for today. No where near a drop in the bucket to the many blessings I have.


2 thoughts on “Home Sing Monday….

  1. I am glad that you are making your schedule work for YOU. That’s what it’s all about.

    How sweet of you to help your friend. When my dad went to be with the Lord, one of my friends offered to help out by doing a photoboard of pictures for us.

    It was so sweet of her and such a stress relief not to do it. I just gave her the pictures and she took care of it. My hubby and oldest son put together a slide show and just didn’t have time to do a photo collage, and I was busy helping my mom.

    The first day of school is always exciting! Sounds like you are getting organized for this next year, good for you. Thank you for joining up today!

  2. Even as you say you’re starting on Tuesday, you definitely have a full week this week…glad you love your job, glad you have a husband who tells you when to get tires (mine does that, too) and glad you have the ability to help your friend.

    P.S. When your calendar is full, anything left is called free time…enjoy it.

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