How come no one told me this was good?!…

I have migraines. BAD MIGRAINES… So bad in fact that I have to take lots of really strong medications for them and yet they still come. And lately I have really been reacting to perfumes more strongly than ever. So I was reading online and came across where a lady said green tea had really helped her seizures that were caused by perfumes.

Note: If you wear perfume, you could be causing a friend to have a bad migraine or a seizure right at this moment.

Any rate, I thought, well I love tea and green tea is supposed to help you lose weight and be good for you so why not try it. The medication makes Cokes and Pepsis taste funny (no, this is not Topomax. Topomax is evil! It made me all kinds of crazy.)

At any rate, I bought some Lipton Green Tea at the store today and this stuff is really really good. I mean like I will really drink this stuff good and if it helps my migraines as well, then I will be their newest best friends! I also bought the kind you can make yourself at home, but I intend to get a jug for work, since I can then get me a glass when I get thirsty at work instead of a can of coke, which does not have antioxidants. So is it possible that something that could make my head feel better, that might make lose weight easier, that tastes this great and is the same price as Coke or Pepsi has been in my store all this time, and I am just now finding out about it.

Now I normally don’t like premade teas. Let me just say I was hesitant to buy it because I don’t like any of the teas that you normally get in the jugs at the grocery store. And I don’t like instant teas. I like my tea brewed on the stove the old fashion way, so it was a very pleasant surprise to find that this tastes so good premade and that it also comes in smaller size bottles, so when the kids want to stop and get something to drink, I can get it instead of a Coke.

Of course, the case remains to be seen if it will help MY migraines, or MY weight loss, but we’ll see. I’d take being just a little bit less sensitive to perfumes than I have been the last few weeks.


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