Have your towels been smelling musty lately?…

Well, I may now know why…

You see, our oldest is a bit a lot of a neat freak. Sorry, gets it from his mom. And he started a new job this summer. And well I won’t say where he works, except the family joke is Dad worked for a Colonel, #1 works for a King, and Mom works for God. (I work at a Christian Preschool). So anyway, he only gets two shirts and he works outside most days in the deep southern heat, and so he wants to wash his uniforms EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So we agreed that he could as long as he washed them with other clothes and did not run my front loader full of water, with only a shirt. This is the same kid who once washed ONE white sock on hot, because he needed socks and he already had ONE white sock. So you have to be specific with him. So I have noticed that our clothes have taken on a musty smell lately. I thought well we’ve had the front loader for a while and they can start to smell if you aren’t real careful, so I bought that cleaner they sell for them and used it and yet still musty clothes, especially towels.

Then I thought we had a leak, because I went to get a towel and it felt damp. Then this morning, I went to get a wash rag to clean the counters in the bathroom and the towels were VERY DAMP. And then, I realized why our clothes have been a little musty smelling. Mr. get up in the middle of the night to do laundry hasn’t been drying the clothes all the way. You know how a load of clothes can wash in a front loader in about 52 minutes, yet take about 80 to dry. Well, apparently, they have been getting about 52 minutes to dry and then been hanging up the rest of the time, and in the South, in a dark closet, with no air circulation, that means musty smell. Akin to someone having thrown up on you. So we had to have a talk about how the drier needs a little longer to dry clothes, especially since the washer is a year old and the drier is 8 years old and smaller! And that if he is going put his King shirt into the drier after my work clothes, he is going to have to wait for my work clothes to fully dry, before he takes them from the drier and puts his clothes in. Otherwise, I am going to hunt him down like a dog. going to yell and scream until I pop a blood vessel.

I knew there had to be a catch to having my laundry done by the laundry fairy all summer. I would take my clothes to the Utility room, sort them and find them nice and hung up the next morning. Little did I know, they were harboring mold spores the size of Texas.


One thought on “Have your towels been smelling musty lately?…

  1. When Charming worked at McDs, I washed his uniform shirt every single day. That polyester could go with anything. I didn’t necessarily need the dryer, either, as it dried really quickly. (Good job letting him live…you do love him!)

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