Anybody got a cure for a bored dog?

Our puppy isn’t feeling well lately. The heat is getting to him I think and he just sits and barks. Inside, outside, he just isn’t a happy dog. I’ve gotten him new toys, a new blanket, I’ve tried letting him sleep in the bathroom, last night I let him have free run of the house even. Now he is on the back deck barking. Instead of chasing squirrels like he used to, he just sits and barks. And his barking is driving me crazy. I don’t even want to know what the neighbors think. Luckily, most of them work and so they are gone by this time of the morning.

So I am open to suggestions on things to get a bored dog up and playing again.

As for me, I have had a busy few days. New tires, groceries, cleaning house, running errands, ate lunch with the youngest of the practice grandchildren yesterday. He took me to see the bunnies at the pet store. Yeah, like I need a bunny. Now that might keep the dog happy for a while. LOL

Worked on my cemetery blog for a while yesterday. Traffic has been up over there lately and I wanted to get some indexes caught up. Hopefully next week, life in general will settle into a routine and I will be able to get some new cemeteries up. I put a hit counter up and was surprised to have 10, 000 hits over there already! That’s a lot of genealogist looking for dead people this year. Maybe the dog isn’t the only one looking for a new hobby.

#1 and I had a fun morning yesterday getting what he needed for him to go away to college. Boys need bedding (XL beds), something to put dirty clothes in, a computer lock, shampoo. Girls need a home improvement loan. LOL He could carry in one arm the stuff he picked out for the dorm. His sister, who won’t even go until next year, and who hasn’t even taken the ACT yet, needed three catalogs.

World Vital Records is running a free three day trial for those of you who might be interested. I haven’t been all that impressed with their site in the past. Too hard to search and the information takes too long to access once you do find it. They may have improved that since I was there last, but I don’t have time this week to give them another go. If I find some free time to do genealogy this week, it will be to get a few more cemeteries on to the blog. Those of you who tried the Footnote trial and had troubles, they think they have now resolved those, so you might want to try again. We apparently exceeded their expectations in spreading the news about the fun! I know I had fun playing with it. I still haven’t found my husband’s grandfather, who I know was living. My mother-in-law wasn’t born until 1936. I think he was out looking for work. It’s interesting the things you don’t know about your family until you see that snapshot in time.

Dick Eastman has a wonderful article on his website for us about these promotions today Promotions I think it’s worth the read for us to know what to expect when we see an offer for a free trial and then experience difficulties. We sometimes forget how many millions of people world wide are on the world wide web. 🙂 And when we do cause a free trial to totally shut down, most of the bigger named sites are gracious enough to extend their offers to make up for the lost time. So we get a chance to try out their product for free, to see if it fits our needs, and if not, we can tell a friend or two because if it doesn’t fit my needs, it might fit yours.

Have a great genealogy day!


2 thoughts on “Anybody got a cure for a bored dog?

  1. Another dog? Okay, maybe not…just trying to be helpful. We did actually end up getting another dog for our dog which is how I, as a non-dog person, ended up with two dogs…sigh.

    Take him on a walk…with the kids heading back to school and you heading back to work, he’s going to misbehave while you guys are gone unless you get him into a pattern of evening walks or some such doggy fun. He’ll miss you all so much and he’s going to have trouble with the adjustment…

  2. No, Not another dog. I do draw the line there. He sleeps under our stairs so what I have been doing is giving him free run of the house in the mornings from about 4-7 when eh wakes up and we aren’t ready to get up. Since he was an outside dog for a long time, I was worried he’d have an accident, but so far he just plays for a while and then goes and gets back in bed. I think it’s so hot in the day time that he’s doing more napping now that he’s older and less chasing squirrels (we have plenty of those to keep him entertained) and so he’s not as tired. Hopefully once the weather cools down he will get better.
    He stays outside in the daytime so he can pretty much do what he wants and not get into trouble. Bark, dig, chase things. Our back yard is doggy heaven. I just think in the last year or so he’s gotten less appreciative to the heat and humidity.

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