Tropical Storm and the Weather Dog…

We don’t have cable, so we don’t watch TV all that much. In fact, hardly at all. And the funny thing is, it rarely rains any more. You see, when we had TV, it seemed like it was always raining. And the local weather guys were always going wall to wall with weather reports. But then we got rid of TV and discovered that it really didn’t rain all that much, it was just the local weather guys going wall to wall, which I assume they still do.

But don’t despair, we are still safe, because we have THE WEATHER DOG. Our dog hates to be wet, so if he’s outside playing and it’s going to rain, he will howl until you let him in. Plain and simple, he’s far more accurate than the local weather guys ever dared to be. Within ten minutes of a howl you can be assured that A) it will be raining or B) he just wants in.
Either way, he gets in. LOL

So Sunday he was acting totally crazy. He was running around, panting, pacing back and forth. Acting all sorts of weird. Hubby was outside by the pool and he couldn’t get the dog to lay down with him for nothing. The poor guy had his tongue hanging out, but he wasn’t overheated. It was really cool out, yet humid. I stayed in, because those sorts of days give me migraines, but Hubby wanted to enjoy one last day of summer. He had bowls of water out for the dog and there was shade, so we know the dog wasn’t overheated.

Then that night, the dog would not stop howling. We tried everything. Inside, outside, in his carrier, free run of the house. In the bathroom, in his closet. Finally into the garage, where he could howl, but we couldn’t hear him. We were convinced he was dying. I got up and gave him a massage thinking he was stressed. But he wouldn’t settle down. We didn’t know what was going on. Even telling him to “Hush”, his normal word that gets him to quieten down wasn’t working. We were feeling like terrible pet parents. We’d never seen him act like this before.

Monday came and with it finally the rain. And at work, the realization of what was wrong. Someone who does have cable mentioned that the rain was caused by a tropical depression coming out of the Gulf. Ah! A light bulb moment. All day Sunday, our little weather dog could tell a storm was coming, and was trying to warn us. But the storm never seemed to come. By Sunday night, the poor animal was in panic mode, because the storm wasn’t there.

The thing is, once the storm comes, he sleeps like a baby. This morning, I couldn’t wake him up. In fact, he went out, used the potty, and came right back in and back to bed. He’s making up for lost sleep and enjoying the rainy day to get in a few Zs.

God, I pray we don’t have any more tropical storms for a while. Makes me almost want to cut down a few trees (5 to be exact) so we can get cable so I will know when the next one is coming, so I will know why my dog has gone crazy. Nah! I’ll just wait it out. He seems saner than the local weather men the other 363 days of the year.


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