It’s on my desk somewhere….

Sound familiar? Today’s genealogy task, should you be willing to take it with me, is to clear off your desk. Yes, I know, for some of us that means merely, removing the drinking cup, and putting away a few papers. For some of us that may mean a full excavation of the dining room, but what ever it takes, you can’t do proper genealogy on a computer, if you can’t move a mouse. And I don’t know about you, but lately, I am finding it harder and harder to move my mouse.

True story. For some reason, our computer at church (I run the video equipment for our worship services) had gotten moved, and Sunday I couldn’t move the mouse. There just wasn’t enough cord. I couldn’t change the screen, because the mouse would not move. If you can’t move the mouse, you can’t use the computer. So in the middle of worship service, I am whispering in a rather loud whisper to Hubby who videotapes our services, I CAN’T MOVE THE MOUSE! By which he thought the mouse had quit functioning. So he is trying to figure out why the mouse would just quit working. LOL When church was over, we discovered that someone (probably me) had moved the computer and thus had shortened the cord to the mouse going to the desk, and thus had made it impossible for me to move the mouse. But I digress.

The reason I can no longer move my mouse at home is because on the right side of my computer is a take out box from KFC (today’s lunch). A package of copies I had made at Christmas that I still haven’t dealt with. A book (I think it may be my Bible, since I lost it about a week ago and this book appears to be the right size and now I remember looking up a scripture at my desk. ) A rental agreement to an apartment Mom didn’t rent. A calendar from a planner I bought that I wanted the cover of, but not the calendar on the inside. I am very picky about calendars. A Mother’s day card (handmade by my 11 year old. figure it will be my last hand made one.) A paper plate. Well, you get the idea… No wonder I can’t move my poor mouse. It’s a wonder I am not seeing other poor mice running around.

So join me in a clean off the genealogy desk challenge today. Just clean it off so that we can work on scanning, or filing, or researching.

By the way, for those of you who enjoyed Footnotes 1930 census, it’s still good until the end of the month, so don’t forget to keep playing for a little while longer! Now with our nice clean desks, we can begin to get some real genealogy done. Coming soon, I am going to tell you why I use the software I use…


2 thoughts on “It’s on my desk somewhere….

  1. Ugh…not just for genealogy…ever since I moved my desk down to the family room, it hasn’t been right and I need it to be right…seriously…I need to be right. I’m working it today, so I’m there with you!

  2. No, it’s not just for genealogy any more. It helps the concentration to NOT have things falling on us. LOL Thing is, I do forget to clean it off on a daily basis and then one day I am afraid to move.

    Mine still needs some work, but I made some progress. It’s on my list. LOL

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