I thought it would be sad…

When #1 was old enough to go to Kindergarten, I got up that first day, showered, put on my best outfit, drove him to the school. We walked to the classroom and I took several pictures. I looked in the room and there was the teacher in a rocker with a little boy who was crying. I asked her if I needed to stay, and she said “No, we’ll be fine, you go ahead and go.” So I hugged #1 and took him to his desk. Showed him where to put his back pack and lunch and left.

In the hall, I double pumped both arms ala Rocky. I was so glad to be free. Finally someone besides me would be watching my little boy for six hours while I was able to guilt free go and do some things I wanted to do like eat lunch with Hubby, my genealogy, clean house, grocery shop, errands… I was so exhilarated. I thought I would be like the moms I saw in their curlers crying in the hall way, but frankly, I wasn’t. I was glad he was going off to school. To cry would be to mourn his happiness. Because he was very happy to be going to school for the first time. He was excited about big school. I couldn’t mourn his happiness on that first morning any more than I could cry at any other of his firsts.

This morning, we took our firstborn to college. I thought I’d be sad. We followed him with the things that were too big for his little car. We stood in line while he registered for his ID card and dorm room. We joked about turning his room into a TV room with the other parents. We carried the heavy stuff up three flights of stairs in the Deep South heat (no humidity today though Praise God!)

But I wasn’t sad at all. I was exhilarated. I thought I would be crying in the dorm room, but I wasn’t because he is glad to be going off to college. He is excited about this new adventure in his life. I couldn’t mourn his happiness today any more than I could mourn it 13 years ago. This is just another first in his life and I am so proud of him. Sure I am going to miss him. He’s kept my kitchen sparkling clean all summer. He’s done the laundry all summer. Now I have to do those chores again for myself. LOL But seriously. I will miss his sense of humor, his loving spirit, his presence, but he’s just down the road an hour. And I can call him anytime of the day I want. And he doesn’t have a huge wardrobe, so he will be home every 2 loads of laundry. LOL

So to my first born! I am proud of you! Have a great first year of college. Work hard, study hard, make lost of new friends, and I hope that room mate turns out to be really really nice.


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