This time last week, I was so sick I didn’t know my own name. So it’s good to be conversing with you guys.

Went to the drugstore tonight to get some chocolate to treat myself because I got all 170 invitations to the family reunion addressed and stamped and most in the mail (ran out of stamps) and they were doing Flu Shots. The lady asked me if I wanted to get one. Told her Nope, done been there, done that. Got my chocolate and headed home.

#1 is home from college. He’s settling in to life in college it seems. Starting to make a few friends in his classes and is even using some of the stuff he’s learning against me. It seems he learned in Psychology that back to school shopping actually serves to soothe the nerves of both parents and students and helps them to transition into a new school year. He told me this and then pointed out he needed new jeans. Guess he and I will be going shopping for a little bonding time this weekend. LOL

#2 is marching tonight. Her First Last football game. She was so excited today. Ah senior year. She was headed out on a beautiful fall night hoping they would win their second football game. I hope for her sake they do.

Me, I am surfing the internet. It’s been ages since I have read any of my genealogy blogs and so I have been catching up on the genealogy gossip so to speak. Looks like I need to go check up on Family Search, because they have made some major changes since I was there last.

Tomorrow I plan on working on my computer for a little while. Maybe do a little scanning of my documents. Definitely get a cemetery or two online. Recharge my genealogy batteries. I also plan on taking a nap. Not because I need one, but because naps are fun and three day weekends just call for naps. Hope you have a great genealogy weekend as well.


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