Peaceful Sunday afternoon…

Ah, what my body has been waiting on since March. A peaceful Sunday afternoon. Not just a Sunday afternoon where I had nothing on my schedule, but nothing on my mind as well. We went to church, ate a leisurely lunch with mom, the teenagers and then came home and I took a 5 hour nap. Yes, I slept all afternoon and it was wonderful. My body is still recuperating from the flu I think and I allowed it to have the time it needed to do so.

The teenagers are watching a movie and Hubby is cooking dinner. It’s so peaceful around here. It’s a beautiful fall day. Since it’s a holiday, there’s no church tonight so we are all taking the evening off to just enjoy life. This is so odd for our family to not be going going, that it feels like a mini-vacation. I know tomorrow we all have to get back to the rat race but today it’s so nice just to enjoy the leisurely pace of just being.

This is what Sundays were like when I was a kid. Mom would cook a roast and after church, we’d eat a huge dinner and we’d all read the paper and then take naps. We’d wake up, eat a light supper and go right back to bed. We always started the week off rested and ready for a new week. Dad worked two jobs and mom had her hands full with us kids and Sunday was the only time they really had together, so I think they just treasured that one day. It was a family day. So many families today are busy running errands and ballgames and other things on Saturday and Sunday has become catch up day that they have forgotten that Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest. A day of family time. A day of restoration. Then they wonder why their batteries are running low all the time. Out of necessity, our family had to spend some weekends the last few months working at mom’s getting her house ready to sell and now our batteries are on low. It’s now time for us to do some serious recharging. Even mom said she can feel herself relaxing.

So what about you? What are you doing to recharge your batteries today?


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