Oh, it was the paw…

Our puppy has been limping and I knew he had an ear infection so I got up Tuesday morning, got him ready for the vets, made the call and discovered… The vet is closed on Tuesday.

So on Wednesday, I got an appointment and took him in. The ear was infected as I thought, so they gave me some ear drops. He’s ten years old and this is his first ear infection. He’s doing really well with letting me put the drops in. I think he likes that you have to rub his ear together to rub the drops in.
Then she looked at his foot. Turns out his paw pad was hurt. Hubby and I had looked and looked and couldn’t see anything wrong with it, but it was way down deep in the paw pad. I didn’t even realize a dog’s foot went that deep! So he has some antibiotics and she told me I could put some neosporin on it for a few days until it began to heal. Hopefully once it stops hurting he will start to put a little weight on it.

So after an hour in a small room with a dog, I came home with a nice migraine. Lovely. So today, I just slept in and then went and had lunch with mom. Tonight is band and cheer leading. Our fall is busy as usual. Hopefully our little guy will be back up on his feet in a few more days. He slept in this morning too. I let him out at 7 and he came right back in and slept till 11. Figured it did him good to get some rest. The little guy is getting old. I didn’t realize he was ten this year, until I found his papers today looking for Mom’s birth certificate. She needs it to get all her paper work moved down here. So we had to send off for her birth certificate today. I can’t believe I did not have a copy of my mother’s birth certificate in my genealogy papers. Oh well. A copy is on it’s way.


2 thoughts on “Oh, it was the paw…

  1. I hope the puppy’s paw is better now…don’t you feel terrible when you discover you didn’t know that your pet was actually hurt? I do.

  2. He hobbles in the morning and then uses it at night. Weird. He’s feeling better. I need to clean his ear and see how it’s looking. I’ve been so busy, I’ve just been giving him the drops and going on. Poor little guy, he’s last on my list this week. But I can tell he’s mending.

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