We did not forget….

Yes, I know.. Yesterday was September 11th. I did not forget. I will never forget. Perhaps I should share what my family did the first September 11, 2001.

It was early morning. The older two kids were in school. #3 was watching Barney, I was cleaning house. My Sister-in-law called and asked what I was doing. “Watching TV”, I said. “Can you believe what is happening?” she said. “What is happening?” I said.
“What channel are you on?” she screamed, “Get on a real channel.”

I turned the channel in time to see footage of the second plane hit the world trade towers and in my ear I heard her say, “A plane has hit the pentagon, BIL (my husband’s oldest brother) is missing. We can’t get any phone lines through. They think its a terrorist attack on our nation.” I collapsed onto the floor. Like most Americans I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

It was after 2 pm when my BIL, who had come out of the pentagon to see smoke and people hurt, realized that the plane that had hit the pentagon was not just a plane crash. He had no idea what was going on in the rest of the nation. He had not bothered to call his wife, because he didn’t even realize that the rest of the world would know what was going on at the pentagon. That entire day, our family was like hundreds more just waiting to see if our loved one was alive. Meanwhile, his son, a firefighter, was at the pentagon trying to put out fires. He finally got a phone line through to his wife, who was able to call the rest of the family and tell us that he was safe and sound.

We were one of the lucky ones. My BIL and nephew were safe and came home that night. Thousands of other families did not get to be so lucky that day. For them, I will never forget what happened on that beautiful fall morning.
When I picked my older two up from school that day, I had no idea whether my BIL was safe or not. I knew that every channel was now covering the attacks, even PBS and I wanted to explain to my two small children what they would see when they got home and turned on the TV. I had no idea they’d been watching it at school, since they were elementary aged children. As I tried to tell them through my tears what was happening, my oldest, said “Mom we know, some tourists flew a plane into the world trade centers.” I laughed for the first time that day. I had to explain that a tourist was some one who traveled, a terrorist was someone who did bad things. It was a great relief to get home and get a call from my MIL and hear that my BIL was indeed safe.

But this September 11, held a much happier surprise for our family. My younger nephew and his wife are expecting a baby. They found out yesterday that it is a girl! His father and brother were there to celebrate with him. Yes, our family is blessed. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families that weren’t so blessed 8 years ago. We pray that God is working his healing in your lives as well. To our soldiers and your families, we support you and all your hard work the last 8 years in protecting our nation and bringing about freedom to our nation and to the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are proud of you!

So no, I didn’t forget yesterday was September 11. I just didn’t have time to post until this morning.


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