Why we gave up TV…

Or better yet, why we haven’t taken it back up…

I used to think people who didn’t own TVs were wackos. And in a way, I still do. I still own TVs, I just rarely use them. About 6 years ago, we kept getting a newer, higher cable bill each month, and #2 wanted a pool, and Hubby had always wanted a pool and I wanted a way to pay for a pool without having to borrow money, so we decided if we gave up cable, we could purchase an inground pool without debt. We bought a really nice inground pool, the next to largest the company sold in fact and got a second mortgage for what our cable bill was and canceled cable. It seemed like a no brainer. We’d get rid of the trash coming into the house that the kids weren’t watching anyway, for a more healthier way to spend our family time.

We have never looked back. Until last summer when we finally paid off the second mortgage. And decided to use the money to get cable again. Well in the mean time, our trees have grown, a lot, and so we can’t get cable. We can’t see the satellite dish way up in the night time sky. So we get the local channels on a digital converter box. That’s it. And I am frankly pleased as punch! We can still watch Big Bang Theory, our favorite show. And American Idol. And America’s Got Talent, but we have no idea who the Duggars, or Jon and Kate are. No one gets a new Tiara at our house each week. Hannah Montana hasn’t ever lived a double life in my living room.

Yup, we gave up TV. We still have our sets. We can watch the weather, though the digital box tends to freeze when storms come through not helping much when the weather is bad. And we can still catch the local shows. So how do we fill our time? Well, we go to high school football games, middle school football games, family reunions, Granny’s house, we ride bikes, we go to church, we go for walks, we throw balls for the dog, we chase lightening-bugs, we have Wii parties, we play cards, we watch old black and white horror movies with our friends, we watch Disney movies, we surf the internet, we read-a lot, we swim, we have parties by the pool. In other words, instead of watching other people lives, we have learned to live our own. We are healthier, happier, closer, than we ever were before.

Do I miss cable? Not really. I have no idea why everyone is mad at Kanye. But I am pretty sure I am glad…


5 thoughts on “Why we gave up TV…

  1. When I moved from California (where I had Dish Network which I loved) to Chicago, I gave up cable. We now have what we call “poor people’s TV” and love it! One saving grace has been Netflix – with the plan which allows you to rent up to 3 movies at a time, I can find good quality content that I control – lots of historical stuff, documentaries etc. Some weeks I can manage five movies in a week – to the point where Netflix must lose money on me!

  2. We watch a lot of black and white stuff. When they talk about the bad stuff on TV in Sunday School, we are like, what when Bambi’s mom got killed? LOL We just pick and choose what we let our children watch this way. They love the old horror movies that are scary, yet hilarious at the same time. Nothing will ever top Psycho, yet, it didn’t really show anything.

  3. YOu’re so not alone. When we switched from Qwest to Comcast for our internet service in March, we also disconnected/turned off our DirecTV. The internet service came with something like 8 television channels. We just hooked the cable up to one of the televisions last week because I like to watch Biggest Loser. Other than that, we’ve been without television since March. Like Mr. MacEntee, Netflix is where we get our entertainment. The kids don’t miss it and have, as a matter of fact, been rediscovered all of my Disney favorites, as well as pulling out our old VHS movies: The King and I, The Sound of Music, etc. Too fun!

  4. We watch a lot of things online as well. It’s amazing how much TV is available online. We figured we could buy a TV series if we really liked it cheaper than cable. We do still have TV, and will watch it some, but it’s used mostly for video. One thing we’ve noticed is that most channels now assume that everyone has a widescreen TV and so we can’t see the left and right parts of the show anyway on our 20 year old sets.

  5. I don’t blame you. I often think we should do this, but my husband and son are addicted. The Big Bang Theory is an awesome show, though. 🙂

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