Don’t take this wrong, but…

I have noticed that no matter what you say, some people just take offense. Now granted the written word is harder to get meanings across than the spoken word, but I honestly think that there are some people who just set out to be offended no matter what you say our how you say it. But there are some things you can say that will offend them faster than a firestorm in a dry forest.

  • Scripture-Quote scripture and these people will immediately take offense
  • Infer that they weren’t invited to a party-even if they wouldn’t have come anyway. They can be staunch democrats, but have a Republican party and not invite them and they are furious
  • Infer (by this I mean that you say “good morning”, they hear…) that they don’t pay their taxes, have insurance, or pay their bills.
  • Mention politics-even if they have the same political views you can still get a rise out of them these days
  • I have several cousins that are like this. The mere mention of the words “good morning” will pick a fight that will need the UN to settle. They will become angry and need a litigation attorney, if you even imply that they might not have paid their taxes at some point, (by which I mean you said “how are you today.”) I was once at a family reunion where gun fire broke out over whether the words were THOU SHALT NOT KILL or THOU SHALL NOT KILL. King James would have rolled over in his grave. Moses would have stayed on the mountain.

    Yes, my family take things personally. And God gave me a rather odd sense of humor. You see, I am a button pusher. If something bothers you, I am going to HAVE to push that button. Sensitive about the time in third grade when you passed gas on the school bus. Well, you can bet that story is going to be the highlight of the family reunion (especially if you don’t show up). Didn’t get hair until you were 7. Yup, you can be sure I am going to tell your new girl friend why we called you Cue Ball. And my cousins all just steam out the ears. Luckily for me, I know where the buttons are, but I also know where to stop. And I know which ones have permits to carry concealed weapons. 😉 I also knew to keep my mouth shut in 3rd grade when I did stupid stuff. 😉

    Seriously though, with me and my cousins, it’s all in good clean fun. Remember we grew up on the family farm. One big family going in and out of each other’s houses. Brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents. We were close. We can push those buttons, because we were so very close.

    But the internet is full of people whose buttons are always cocked and ready to be pushed. They never seem to be happy. They always want to see the bad in others. They always are ready to criticize. They don’t do it lovingly. They don’t do it with a smile, and a tease. They do it with vengeance and hatred toward the person they are convinced wronged them, just because that person wrote something that didn’t please them.

    The Bible says “for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19. Luckily for me, my cousins understand that they need to let the Lord repay me for my teasing. They also know that I love them dearly despite the fact that they don’t have a sense of humor. Are you letting the Lord repay those online that don’t write what you want to read, or live the way you want them to live. Perhaps they have too many kids, or not enough. Maybe they have the wrong religion, or the wrong hobby. Maybe they go to the wrong church or have the wrong job. Maybe they are the wrong color or the wrong age. Whatever it is, they just rub you the wrong way. The cool thing is, you have a choice online. If you don’t like what a blogger has to say, even this one, you don’t have to read it. There are millions more out there. Find someone out there who is just like you, who believes the same things you do, whose the same color and age you are. And if you can’t find that person, write your own blog and just read it.

    Now what about this blogger? Well, I am Southern Baptist. Raised in the Southern United States. White because God made me that color, I love people of all colors, because God made them their color too. I am a mom of three kids and think you should have as many as you can raise yourself. For me that was three. There’s no way I could do a good job with more than that. My hobbies are laundry and genealogy. I am a preschool teacher’s aide, because I love children (again all color’s shapes and sizes). I love my family, my cousins, even the grouchy ones. I am active in my church and my community. I don’t care if it’s SHALT or SHALL, the thing is you shouldn’t kill and I try not to do it, not people, not animals, not even the bugs the kids occasionally find in the preschool. I am often seen chasing crickets or spiders through the preschool to catch and release outside because they somehow made it into the building. I am not against using animals for food or clothing, because I believe that God intended for us to use them for our needs, but I am against killing needlessly. So if I kill you at all, it will be with kindness. I hope you will do the same to each other today.

    Have a great genealogy day!


    2 thoughts on “Don’t take this wrong, but…

    1. Thanks, I don’t understand letting strangers get your blood pressure up. I only let things I can control bother me these days. Maybe that’s why we gave up TV. LOL

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