I’ve got the blahs…

I am supposed to be cleaning house, because well, it’s my off day and we are having a sleepover this weekend and we have no clean dishes, because I haven’t unloaded the dishwasher. But I just can’t get started, because it’s been raining since March. Well, not really since March, but it has been a really rainy summer, and it has been raining for a week now, and I just can’t get motivated to do anything, which is good, because at least the kids can’t get motivated to make many messes. LOL

The dog is unsettled as well. He goes out to use the potty, but he hates rain, so he sits on the porch and begs to come back in, I relent and let him in. He sits in his room and howls to go out, because, well, he still needs to potty, so I let him out, rinse, repeat. The kids are equally unsettled. My facebook page in one big “It’s raining again” comment after another.

Now don’t get me wrong, we had a drought two summers ago. So bad, that we talked about drilling a well, except we weren’t sure there’d be water to know if we were successful. So bad that we prayed in church and sang “Showers of Blessings” every Sunday for months, which happens to be one of those catchy hymns that you sing/hum the rest of the week. So I am glad we are getting the rain we need finally. But frankly, I am sick of it. My 11 year old asked for an umbrella for her birthday. Ducks have started having conventions on our band’s practice field. Fine, since the band isn’t practicing on it.

I am trying to convince myself that laundry and mopping would cheer me up, but it’s not working. Instead my natural cave woman is saying a good book, a blanket and a corner of the couch will work. Even the 11 year old told me I was lucky, because I got to stay home and sleep all day. I wanted to lie and say, “no I am going to clean house and run errands”, but I knew at least one nap was in my future.

I often wondered what Noah and his wife did on that ark with all those animals while it rained. How did they entertain them and keep down boredom in such a small area. Now I know. They just let the rain and the rocking of the boat lull everyone off to sleep. It was probably more of a chore to wake up and clean cages and prepare meals than it was to find things to do to stay entertained for 40 days.

So my inner mom says keep the washer and drier going. And in between it’s okay to “rest my eyes” as my FIL is fond of saying. I am going to let the kids do the same after school today. Funny thing about 7 solid days of rain, it tends to cancel after school practices of any kind. So we can come home, and crash in front of the TV. We can pick out an old black and white movie, pop some air pop popcorn and listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. As long as the washer keeps going and the drier keeps going and at some point we unload and reload the dishwasher we should be good. The sleepover is going to mess up the house anyway. RIGHT?!?


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