Okay, I just have to know, if anyone knows…

who makes restaurant crackers? I mean seriously here? I love a good restaurant cracker. Wendy’s are the best. I have been in search of a good saltine for years. But I can’t find a really good salty one in the stores. Not like those individually packaged ones that restaurants have. Is that the secret? Is the fact that there are only two in a package, and not the amount of salt on a cracker?

You see, my aunt taught me to eat her favorite snack, which I am trying to eat right now as a small child. She died before I was three, so I was a very small child. Her favorite snack was…. Crackers and mayonnaise. Yes, I know, it sounds really gross, but if the cracker is salty enough and the mayo fresh enough, it is the perfect snack. For me, only Kraft mayo will do, but I just have never found the perfect saltine. I have found a few that come close, but nothing like the ones they have in restaurants.

I don’t know where my aunt picked up this strange eating habit. As far as I know, no one else in the family eats this treat. Not even her other children. Just she and I. Mom said I would eat it with her when I was just a little bitty baby. I still make it now and my children cringe. Which is fine. The treat is all mine. LOL And it only takes a few to fill you right up, so though it sounds high in calories, it really isn’t because you really don’t eat that much of it. Kind of like poor mans caviar.

Which also makes me wonder… Why don’t you see crackers in packages 4 to a stack anymore? When I was a kid, crackers were sold 4 pieces in a stack. You broke them apart to eat them. Those tasted better too. Maybe that’s why I can’t find the perfect cracker anymore. They don’t make them like they used too. I loved those old cheap dry crackers. You could eat them with a glass of water and they’d literally turn back into dough in your mouth. Pa and I would eat them and watch TV. He’d smoke his pipe and I’d drink Double Colas hot out of the bottle.

My grandmother wasn’t much of a cracker eater. She preferred putting cornbread into her buttermilk. To me, it looked like someone got sick and since buttermilk smelt the same way, I never understood how she could eat such a concoction. That was fine by her, I guess, since she never seemed inclined to share anyway.

My other grandmother never ate. Not that she had an eating disorder, she was plenty plump, so I assume she did eat, I just don’t ever remember seeing her do so. We lived next door (which in those days meant a quarter mile away) and I was at her house at almost every mealtime, and I saw her prepare countless numbers of meals, I just never in the 12 years of my life that she lived, saw her eat anything. I do have one home movie of her pretending to drink tea out of the cup from a punch bowl. Maybe that was the problem, she thought you drank tea from a punch bowl. She made the best potato pancakes in the world and I have never been able to duplicate them since. She would make them for me and I would eat them straight out of the pan with catchup. I wasn’t the only grandchild mind you, she just made time for each of us like that. When we were with us, she did things like that with us. By the time I was born, she had great grand children, who lived next door too but that didn’t stop her from loving me just as much. (Though I always thought they were far more spoiled.)

So if anyone knows where Wendy’s buys their crackers from, let me know. I am always on the lookout for a good salty, dry cracker. In the meantime, next time you are eating with your family, think about the traditions you are sharing with your children. Those traditions may stick with them for a lifetime. Or not.


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