Why reading the Bible is hard…

As a stay at home mom, I find I do more staying than at homing… In other words, I tend to do a lot of staying in the grocery line, staying in the carpool line, staying at cheer practice, staying at doctor’s offices, but little just being at home. So I tend to read a lot. I always have a good book or even two with me, to read in such occasions. I find romance novels to be best, since I tend to read them in spurts, it helps if the story doesn’t have too deep of a plot.

So today as I headed out the door, I went to grab a book and decided to grab my Bible instead. I mean, why not the good book? Why isn’t the Bible a good read? Well, I tell you why. We don’t read the Bible, we study the Bible. We don’t can’t just pick it up, choose a chapter, whether it be romance, or history, or the begats and just read it, nope we have to make notes in the side lines. We have to read the footnotes. We have to jump back a few books to read those chapters to get the history of that book.

So today I decided to just read a book of the Bible. You know for entertainment. No studying. No cross-references. No Broadman’s. I picked Daniel. Pretty heavy story, but if you just read it, it’s a good story. The king picks these four guys to learn everything about his culture. Because they are devout worshipers of their God, they refuse to eat the King’s food,(which sounded pretty smart, because it sounded high in fat and cholesterol) yet they stay just as healthy as the King’s men. The King has a dream, and he decides to kill all the sorceresses and prophets and people who claim they can tell his future for $19.99 a month on their 1-800 number, because no one can guess what the dream is, but Daniel can tell him what the dream means. So the King is happy. So the King says for everyone to worship Daniel’s God. Then he builds a big statue and decrees that everyone must bow down to that god. Boy, is this King fickle. Make up your mind already. So Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, which by the way, weren’t even their real names, decided they weren’t going to bow down to the statue. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that he refused to learn their real names? At any rate, that made the King mad, so he had them thrown into a fiery furnace and what do you know, but God saved them. Of course, at that point, the carpool line started moving, so I have no idea what is going to happen to our heroes next time. Stay tuned to this channel for our next exciting adventure of Daniel, because I think he ends up in a lion’s den.

You see, if you just read the Bible, it has some really cool stories. The thing is, we tend instead to get out our highlighters, our pens, our Bible commentaries, our notes from Sunday School and somewhere in all the hustle, the scripture is lost. Sure the scriptures were written to “teach and exhort.” The Bible says as much, but they were also written to just entertain. Yup, you read that right. The scriptures were written just for us to read. Just for us to have the stories of our ancestors written down. Granted there are lessons there for us. Granted sometimes God does speak through His written word. But sometimes, He just wants us to spend some time reading a good book, or rather The Good Book. Have you taken time to read it today?


4 thoughts on “Why reading the Bible is hard…

  1. My first introduction to the Bible was in a Bible as Literature Class and you are right! The stories in the Bible are fantastic…people seem to forget that you can learn from anything you read, even “fun” reading.

  2. Hi

    I hope you are ok.

    One of my first “paper” books as a toddler was the stories of the Bible in the language appropriate for that age group. It was read to me so many times as I child that I could, at one time recite them word perfect as we now do with our favorite poems or songs.

    When I was the same age as your #3 daughter I stored it away as it was “for children and I am not a baby anymore”. But guess what, it came out again when my son was born and even though he is now 27 he feels the same way about it as I now do.

    It now sits proudly on the bookshelf near my desk and not hidden away.

    Can I please ask you a BIG BIG favour. I have not been able to access the dear myrtle Organisational Charts since May and to be honest I gave up trying after spending hours of trying to find them.

    That was until today when a lady [from over here in the UK] contacted me via email to ask if I could help her find them. Apparently she has been searching for hours to no avail and only contacted me a total stranger after seeing my name and address on the website asking for help earlier in the year. We have both followed the instructions that were given in response at that time but still have had no joy.

    Do you think it could be something to do with us being in the UK as I am set up to receive all her blogs via RSS.

    I do hope you can help.


    [half pint]

  3. Lin,
    I only found one for June, and posted a link in the next post. Apparently even ole Myrt has been too busy to be organized this summer!

  4. Hi

    Many many thanks for replying so quickly. If ol’ Myrtle does not have time to be organised, then I have no chance whatsoever [lol].

    I have emailed her begging for help for her UK followers and await her reply with anticipation.



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