Footnote Freebie

Footnote is offering another freebie.
The records, which contain millions of names and 26,000 photos, include:
• Concentration camp registers and documents from Dachau, Mauthausen, Auschwitz and Flossenburg.
• The Ardelia Hall Collection of records related to Nazi looting of Jewish possessions.
• Captured German records including deportation and death lists from concentration camps.
• Nuremberg War Crimes Trial proceedings.


I don’t have any family that was in any of the concentration camps fortunately, but if you were unfortunate enough to have had family there, now you will be able to research those family lines for the first time ever and it will be free.

My hope is that history teachers will take advantage of this free offer, to show high school history classes these records. Imagine students seeing the death lists from the concentration camps. Makes it a little hard to deny the holocaust ever happened while you look at the lists of people who were sentenced to death. Noticed our theme for the week-looting. I have already stated my position on what should happen to looters. Nazi looters should go to the top of the list. It would be wonderful if some foundation would endow enough money to so that this collection could stay free forever, so that school children would never have to pay to see the crimes against society that were performed during this time period, so that we NEVER forget what happened. So that the men, women and children whose lives were taken from them would not have lived in vain, but so that rather generations could learn from the hatred that caused their deaths and we would never have to face another time like this in history again.

So until the end of October, take advantage of this free trial to research your family if you were unfortunate to have lost family in the concentration camps. I am so sorry for your loss.


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