It is with saddened heart….

that I write this post…

For months now I have been talking about our little puppy not sleeping good at night. He has been getting increasingly more and more restless at night. He was asking (so we thought) to go out 5-6 times a night. Hubby and I were losing our patience (but trying hard not to) at him, because it’s hard to go for several months with broken sleep. Just ask the parents of any newborn.

Along about this time he began to limp. He would do it for a while and then stop. Just when I would think I needed to take him to the doctor, he’d have a period of walking on the foot for several weeks and then the pattern would repeat. Finally I took him to the vet, who said he had an irritated paw pad (which made sense with all the rain and mud we’ve had this summer and our long haired dog) and sent us home with antibiotics. At first those seemed to work, but after the first few days, he stopped using the paw again and this time the paw was held at a weird angle. So on Monday, I took him back. In all this time, he did not act as if he was in any pain when you rotated the shoulder or foot. Manipulating any of the joints did not bother him. But Monday was a different story. The doctor ordered X-rays, and they showed our worse fear. Our little guy has bone cancer.
She X-rayed the lungs which were cloudy, which wasn’t definitive as to whether it had spread to the lungs. She told us he had probably 5 months. She told us our options. None of them frankly sounded all that good.

Our dog has fought yeast allergies since he was 2 years old. He will be 11 in April. He is on daily medications to fight the yeast. It compromises his immune system. It doesn’t do a lot for the yeast, other than keep it from getting worse. He also has to have baths in special shampoo to help with the spread of the yeasts. We have to groom him ourselves and frankly I am terrible at it despite having a people cosmetology license.

So after discussing our options with our doctor and with each other and knowing how much pain our little guy is already in and knowing what he has already endured for 8 years from his yeast allergies, it is with heavy hearts that my husband and I have decided to have him put to sleep. We ask that you please pray for our family. We loved this dog to the best of our ability for ten years. We gave him the best care possible for a condition we never knew existed until he got it, in fact, neither did our vet. We do not feel that treating his cancer is in his best interest. It would only prolong his life a few more months longer and it would be a miserably painful few more months, in which he would not understand why he is in such pain. We do not feel that we have the knowledge or the ability to do a good job at it either and that he would suffer from our inabilities.

He has been a faithful friend, companion and member of our family for many years and will be greatly missed. We will not be looking for a replacement dog, no more than we would be replacing my mother if she were to pass, or my father-in-law if he were to pass. If in the future, we decide to get another animal to love, it will be on that animal’s merits alone.



5 thoughts on “It is with saddened heart….

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It wasn’t until we had to put a pet down that I understood how deep the grief is to a pet “owner” when their beloved pet passes on.

    I’m so glad you took this option. Pets have no understanding of the future or why they are enduring suffering, and I believe it is cruel to an animal to make them go through long-term procedures and treatments. You did the right thing, hard as it was.

    Take care.

  2. Miriam,
    We haven’t done it yet, The girls are out of school Friday so we will take him then. I have to call and make the appointment in about 15 minutes. and my stomach is churning. I know it is for the best. He has been playing with me this morning. My dog that could catch tennis balls mid flight now can’t catch them as they are rolled across the floor. I can tell he’s embarrassed by that. Then it hurts to pick them up and bring them back. He’ s resting now after a vigorous 30 minutes of play (which wouldn’t have even left him breathless a few months ago). It’s incredibly hard, but so is the guilt I am going through every time I forget a dose of medicine (which I am human and do forget) or when he howls in pain and I realize it’s been more than 4 hours. He hates to be alone and we can’t be here 24/7. This just started in the last week too. So I think it’s his way of saying I need you to do this for me. But it really, really stinks.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. They’re family members in our house.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. Very well said. 🙂

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