Don’t talk to me about the Sabbath on Friday…

I’ve been off work all week, so my days are all mixed up. Add that to the fact that Hubby and the girls were off today and we took the morning to take the puppy to the vet and run errands. It has seemed like Saturday. So to this confused Southern Baptist, today has seemed like Saturday all day. Then a friend on Facebook wishes me a happy Sabbath… Really confuses me. Because I thought he was talking about today, but he was talking about tomorrow. Obviously. Because being Jewish, he keeps the Sabbath on Saturday, and tomorrow is Saturday. I must remind myself of that, because as Hubby said, it’s going to be very lonely at church tomorrow.

I don’t know how people who live alone and don’t work do it. How do they keep up with what day of the week it is and what time it is. If they take a nap, how do they know if it is am or pm? Seriously 6 am and 6 pm can look alike some times of the year…
But maybe it’s just me with my one braincell. LOL
So now I am sitting here in my office watching a massive storm front move in. We’ve known it was coming for days. They moved a high school football game from tonight (Friday-in case I have confused you) to last night because the weather was supposed to be so bad. We’ve been under a tornado watch for most of the day.

It’s been a long hard week here. We’ve cried, we’ve second guessed our decision, we’ve come to terms. We’ve been in denial, we’ve been angry, we’ve accepted. God has been faithful. He rearranged a high school football schedule, so that #2 could be home today with #3. It was her dog. He held off the storms so that we could bury our baby in peace. He sent the prayers and kind words of many friends and family to help us know that we were doing the right thing. And finally, he sent peace that passes all understanding.

We have a long holiday weekend ahead of us. I am looking forward to having Hubby and the kids home with me. Mom will probably come over some too. She took the girls shopping today. Mom shows love by spending money and that’s how she tried to make them feel better. They came home feeling better, and my checkbook wasn’t feeling strained, so I guess it worked. They got some cute clothes and they will enjoy showing them off.

Other than cleaning house and goofing off, we have no major plans though. Maybe a movie. Maybe decorate the house. We are having a halloween party, so got to get the girls motivated to get the house ready for that. Some major spookiness has got to be put up around here, though frankly, if I’d just quit sweeping, the spiders would do it for me in about three days.

So be sure and keep the Sabbath Holy, just don’t do it today, because my calendar assures me that it’s Friday, though it sure seems like Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Don’t talk to me about the Sabbath on Friday…

  1. I know I’m late, but I’m so sorry about your dog. I’m sure you’re discovering that the house feels empty without him (I know we felt that way after Whiskers was hit by a car last fall and then we had to put Lucky down this year)…the only thing that helps is you know they’re not suffering any more…that they loved you and kept going, but that you loved them enough to let them go.

  2. Yes, I am. The biggest thing is I keep thinking I need to go check on him, yet he’s not there. But thanks for remembering me. He’s much better off and since I got sick on Sunday, I think we are too.

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