My new pets, don’t tell Hubby…

just yet…

Okay, Hubby is going to die, but I am enjoying them for now. We had one of those beautiful flowering pear trees in our yard. The kind that look beautiful but stink really bad. Lightening got it and Hubby cut half of it down. Well, the other half wasn’t looking too good and with storms headed our way yesterday, the neighbor on that side requested quite nicely if we’d mind removing the other half, since his home owner’s insurance might not cover being hit by a tree you knew was dead, and we figured ours wouldn’t cover it either, Hubby cut down the tree and just threw it over the fence until we could cut it up and have a good fire and roast marshmallows when it gets really cold. So right out side my office door is a huge pile of tree limbs.

And no dog….

So these two squirrels have decided that this would make the perfect winter home. Now here’s the problem. My husband HATES squirrels tree rats with a passion. He will do whatever he can to remove them from our property and if he knew he was aiding and abiding them, he would be burning that pile of brush right beside the house, despite it being as green as Al Gore right now. (Okay, probably far greener since it was on the tree yesterday.)

But the thing is, they are so cute. They keep chasing each other in and out of the branches, picking up nuts and bringing them to the brush pile and I know that the minute he finds out about them, I am going to be hauling branches to the pile in the back of our property, rain or shine, so I am trying not to go “ah, aren’t they cute” when he’s in the vicinity of my office.

I’ve seen people get fake snakes and put up to get rid of birds. Do you think they sell blow up dogs that I could get to get rid of the squirrels? I could put a motion detector on it and when they come close to the house, it could bark. I could hawk it on late night TV. Or better yet, you’d just plug it into your flood lights. When the squirrel tries to come into your attic, the motion detector would go off, bark a few times, and off would go the squirrel, his little squirrel heart pounding, and you and your neighbors would be awaken at 2 am by your barking light bulb. No need for vet bills, or food bills. It would even work on burglars. Put up a BEWARE OF DOG SIGN and get the motion detector dog light and when someone tries to break into your house at 3 am, the light will bark in a ferocious big dog manner. You don’t have to worry about getting a pet sitter while you are on vacation. You don’t have to walk the dog or own a pooper scooper.

Heck, I think me and the squirrels may be on to something.


3 thoughts on “My new pets, don’t tell Hubby…

  1. I think so, it’s been raining non-stop here since March, so they are in hiding. They were out for a short time grabbing up food. But I think they have found them a nice winter home.

  2. Are you kidding me? We live on an acre lot with 21 trees. He’d be killing squirrels for the rest of his life. Those two are just a drop in the bucket compared to the number out there. We just try and keep them away from the house. They are safe as long as they don’t move into our attic.

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