In The Middle…

Have you seen this new show? It is so stupid, but last night I had to laugh, because it hit so close to home, with the dog getting emphysema (due to the fact that it lives with two aunts who smoke like chimneys and since it has to go on oxygen, it can’t live with them anymore) and kids driving and the main character thinking the aunt’s were driving (but now they can’t anymore so she will need to drive them to appointments) and postponed anniversaries (Hubby and I still haven’t celebrated our 24th). Then today I found out mom was overdrawn on her checking account. Back to reality. Not so funny.

I didn’t sign up for this. I really didn’t. I love her and I love my teenagers, but I swear I did not sign up to be stuck in the middle with kids not yet old enough to care for themselves, a mother old enough to know better. For a TV show, it’s a hilarious premise. Heck, I could give them ideas to keep them going until 2012. But for real life, it’s enough to turn you white-headed, that is if your hair doesn’t fall out and you don’t go crazy first. But what you going to do? You just have to find a way to make it work and so far all I have is lecturing which tends to go over Mom’s head. I swear she even rolled her eyes at me.

I loved the scene where her little boy was sick and she put him on the back seat of a car with pillows and told him to stay below the window line. Granted in real life, that is child abuse and I’d never do such a thing, but on TV, it can be played off as funny. And then the dog in diapers that still has to go out, because it doesn’t know it’s in diapers. On TV, you don’t get to be compassionate and put the dog to sleep. He will just be written out of the next episode or two when he’s not funny anymore. The two aunts are hilarious despite the fact that they smoke like chimneys and are abusive to everyone around them, most likely (more funnier than nice aunts, mind you on TV, not real life). Like the dog, they just won’t show up in a few more episodes.

You see things we like to watch on TV, like building blowing up, or becoming the sandwich generation, don’t play out as well in real life at times. I love my mom, but I also know that there’s going to be more and more responsibilities for her care, responsibilities she’s not going to hand over easily. And at the same time, I will also have to balance my own needs and those needs of my three children. Yup, hope the acting on this show improves so it stays on the air for a little longer. It may become my Wednesday night escape. Who needs CSI? This is as close to reality TV as I want to get these days. I don’t have the option of writing people in and out of episodes so we have to learn to co-exist. And learn to do it with lots of love and probably with lots of eye rolling.


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