Busy Week…

Wow, sorry I’ve been away, it’s just been busy. It finally stopped raining and so we had to make up for some serious lost football games and practices and pictures and …

Still working with Mom on a budget. It’s hard going from being a stay at home mom with a husband with a good job. (Dad worked in the printing business and had a really good paying job. He’d just retired when he got cancer.) To a mom with just an invalid child living on your’s and his social security, but with a pretty good nest egg, to living on your social security, with a nest egg. In 5 years…
I am trying to keep her from having to live just on social security and with me. Because she doesn’t want to have to live with me. In fact she’s adamant, so she’s learning to budget for the first time in 68 years. Its been a hard road, but she is trying and she’s a trooper. I am leaning towards prozac.

The kids on the other hand are great! They have been able to eat TV dinners anytime they want, because mom is preoccupied. They can hang with their friends a little longer after school, because mom is preoccupied. Yup, mom has been preoccupied lately. And sick. Last weekend we were all sick. Upper respiratory for all of us. Lower GI for #1. It was not a pretty sight around here.

And did I mention the rain. Saturday night, I went to bed as depressed as a woman can get. And as sick. But the God of miracles performed several and at 2:30 Sunday morning, He sent wellness to our house. We’ve been slowly recovering since. Then on Sunday morning, he sent sunshine! Made me want to stay home from church and join the cat in the front yard worshiping the Creator, though she appeared to be worshiping the creation as much as the Creator so I decided church was probably a better idea. It was. (Although as soon as church was over, I pulled Hubby’s car into the driveway and joined her in worshiping the Creator. A lest I hope I looked that way. LOL)

So yes, my genealogy has been on hold lately as I deal with my one living ancestor and my descendants. Trying to get my second child graduated from high school this year and off to college in the fall. She’s decided to join her brother, which may be good or bad, I still haven’t decided. Her personality tends to over shadow his, but he’s making friends there and I think he will be running in a totally different crowd than her. He’s got a scientific mind, her’s artsy. I have had time to read my genealogy mailing lists again and participate there more than usual. I am hoping that’s a sign things around here are returning to normal a little.

The topic has been filing systems. I advocate a system that works for your way of thinking. Mine are filed first in cabinets by my father, my mother, my mil, my fil. Then by hanging file folder for each surname. In those hanging file folders, are those cheap three ring binders you get to use for reports in high school for around a dime. I use one for each document type. Each holds 13 sheet protectors with documents in them. I use my genealogy program, TMG to number my sources, and that number goes with each document. It’s an easy system to use. A woman’s documents go with her father before she marries, with her husband after. A multi person document like a deed is filed under one surname. TMG can tell you where to find it if you need it again. But that is my system. Your system has to work for you. If it doesn’t, you will abandon it. I have an aunt who system is boxes under a bed. Nothing is filed. She has no clue which box holds which item. She read the item when she photocopied it, found it interesting and put it in a box. Hasn’t read it in twenty years. Doesn’t need too. She’s repeated what it says so many times she doesn’t need the original. Is her verbal transcription accurate? No more so than any other family story, but at least she got her’s from documentation and not word of mouth.


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