I turned in my two week notice today. My youngest hasn’t been feeling good for a while. Complains of constant tiredness. On Friday, we found out she has a rapid heartbeat. Not sure yet what the cause is. She sees the cardiologist on Thursday. But I’ve been feeling overwhelmed for a while. Followers of my blog long term have probably noticed it. I haven’t mentioned genealogy in about 6 months. That’s because I haven’t done genealogy in that time. I have been too overwhelmed by life. Caring for my mom, who is basically still able to care for herself. Can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when she really needs full time care. We’ve been sick. A lot this fall. And now this. I just couldn’t keep up any longer. I had all these balls in the air and I have been praying about what to do, and decided this was one ball I could put down. I only work three days a week for four hours a day. My money is fun money for our household. It had ceased to be fun. I will miss my co-workers and the kids but not the stress I was under trying to get to work on time and convince a kid to go to school when she didn’t feel good. Who would with a heart rate of 130? Add in highschool football (band) and middle school football (cheer leading) practices and games and all this rain we’ve had and we’ll I’ve just been overwhelmed.

So hopefully we will find out what is going on and get her rhythm in a normal beat very soon. She’s tired of being tired. Today she’s also fighting a sore throat. I talked to the school and they were wonderful. They usually are. That is why I love this school staff so much. Maybe I will have time to do some genealogy while she rests these days. I have missed it. Today I did some much needed housework another thing that I have neglected lately. And some laundry. I have just let her rest. You see, my heart can beat that fast too, so I know how she feels. In fact, I can go higher and you are totally wiped out. So I just let her sleep. If it returns to normal, she can go to school tomorrow. The coaches know to let her take it easy in gym.

Who would have thought that I would have had three heart babies? The doctor says her rhythm isn’t Wolfe-Parkinson-White like her brothers. So at least for now, we are not looking at another ablation. So for now, I am praising God for that! Keep us in your prayers. Today, I feel a lot less overwhelmed. Of course, I haven’t told my husband yet. I didn’t tell him I was going to quit. I just did it. First time in my life I ever made a decision and did it without consulting him first. I think he will agree it’s for the best, my best friend did, my mom did, my blogging best friend did. I just haven’t had time to talk to him today. If he doesn’t I can always change my mind, but I am going to try and change his first. Because I feel like that ball was carrying the weight of the world in it.


2 thoughts on “Unemployed…

  1. I know it was such a difficult decision, but I hope even as you felt sad to be doing it, a feeling of “rightness” lightened your load. Your daughter needs you, your mother needs you, your husband needs you and the two that seem like they aren’t needing you too much need you, as well. Additionally, you won’t be any good to any of them if you can’t find yourself in the mess. I’m so worried about #3…I’ve been trolling the internet getting up to speed…I just wish Thursday would get here already!

  2. I do feel better today. She’s still not feeling any better, but I did get her to school. How long she will stay, is another matter. I am counting down the hours till Thursday myself. Only 24 more till we see the doctor. Hopefully he will have some answers for us on Thursday because if we have to go and run more tests, my nerves my not take it.

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