To the beat of our own drummer…

Okay the hearts at this house just beat to the rhythm of a different drummer. Mine goes upwards to 264. #1’s could go as high as 400 apparently pre-ablation. #3s we are still waiting to see. The dog even had a mummer. So we beat to the beat of our own drummer. We set our own course. Today we are starting a new course of action. Yesterday I took a day of vacation and #3 took a day off of school. Today she went and so far she has managed to stay. I have managed to pace a hole in the floor. But I have also managed to get the house cleaned back up and gotten laundry caught back up. Mom will be home more now to take care of business and hopefully that will mean less stress for everyone. Maybe that will slow all our hearts down.

So which of my ancestors gave us this heart disorder? Hard to say really. My grandmother’s both took heart medications. My paternal grandmother died of a heart attack. Perhaps her heart just got tired of trying so hard. People didn’t live as long 100 years ago. Could it be that their hearts beat to their own drummer then too, but without modern medicines, those hearts just gave out at 50 instead of 80 like modern hearts do.

I really worry about kids these days that live on “health drinks” to give them energy. These caffeine base drinks do nothing but speed up their hearts. One hundred years ago, caffeine was not in every drink a person took. Of course, cocaine was a medicine. Did my ancestors have healthy hearts but one ancestor taking that cocaine for an ailment such as a headache, so destroy his/her heart muscle, that they passed down bad heart genes to the rest of their generations? I always wonder at what point did a family line get a new illness mutation. When did that family become susceptible to cancer, heart disease, club foot, being blond headed. Genes fascinate me. Both my father and my son point with their middle finger. My father said he ran his hand through a printing press before I was born and that is why he pointed with his middle finger. Did that somehow affect his DNA that he passed to me? That I passed on to my son? Will generations from now still be pointing with their middle fingers yet not knowing why they use that finger? Can a gene be mutated that easily?

Yes, at our house we are on the beat to our own drummer. Don’t know who our original drummer boy was or why he decided to change our beat. Today we just pray that our beat is not life threatening and we can figure out how to best control that beat so that we can live normal lives.


2 thoughts on “To the beat of our own drummer…

  1. Not growing up surrounded by my birth family, I’ve often wondered the same things. Why do I do this, when no one around me does it? It can’t be learned, because I’ve never seen it. Yet, it shows up in my kids and when I finally meet more of my birth family, I see it in them. Who gave us that was of walking? Gesturing? Talking? Thinking?

    Superman was born with a heart murmur that was gone by the time he enlisted in the military at 18…now Buttercup has manifested it. No one has issues, so I don’t worry…too much. Superman is functionally ambidextrous and poor Valiant struggled to settle on a hand…he finally settled on being right-handed, but it isn’t an easy fit…who sent that down the pike? Did it come hand-in- hand with their ability to fix anything? Their creativity? I guess we take the bad with the good…

    P.S. Superman also points with his middle finger, but I’ve not seen any of the kids do it … yet.

  2. One whole side of my mom’s family can’t tell their left from their right. I inherited that as did #2. Should have seen her take the driver’s test, it was hilarious, she had her left hand in a perfect L the entire time.

    I can’t find my way out of a wet paper bag, Hubby never gets lost. #1 has no sense of direction, #2 never gets lost. She is taking him to the dentist tomorrow, because despite the fact that he has been every 6 months for 17 years, he can’t remember the way.

    And he laughs just like my sister-in-law, the one annoying habit he has that he got from her.

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