Signs from God…

Okay, so I am not going to ask for any more signs from God. Months ago I asked God for a few signs, you know a billboard that simply stated “Do this….God”

Well then mom came in and said, “I want to sell my house and move closer to you.” Couldn’t have been a clearer sign from God if I’d read it by the road. And so we started the process. It has been hard, and stressful at times. We have had some fun. And she is now living closer to us. We no longer own her house and she can just worry about keeping her apartment clean.

But there have been other things that haven’t been as clear. When my plants die, I know I have too much on my plate, so when my parakeet died, I wasn’t sure, was he old, or was that a sign I was too busy? I suspected it was a little of the latter, so I upped the care for the finch. But the plants were fine. I’d killed all, but the most hardy by now.

I felt like I was handling life, keeping the balls in the air, so to speak. Sure, I wasn’t going to the grocery store regularly. I was just running down the end cap at Publix getting the buy one get one free items. You can make meals from those, right. The kids didn’t seem to mind Frosted Lucky Charms and TV dinners for supper.

A few months ago I bought a bag of dog food for the dog just to make it until I could get to the pet store to get the expensive stuff he ate, that, you know, had no yeast, no corn, no meal, no preservatives in it. Well, this cheap bag said it had none of that in it, and it was cheaper, so I thought it’s only one day and I am super stressed, what will it hurt for one night. Well, I found out yesterday, three weeks after we buried the dog, who died of cancer, not food poisoning. After I bought the better dog food the next day, I just left the other stuff on the counter for a few weeks, you know just in case, and well, it must have went bad. And it got mealy worms. And yesterday, despite the fact that I threw the dog food out two months ago, we had an invasion of the mealy worms. Apparently they have been dormant in my kitchen somewhere and yesterday it got warm enough or cold enough or whatever it is that mealy worms need enough for them to hatch all over my kitchen. A plague sign from God that I am way to busy.

Okay, I don’t know if God really sends signs anymore, but I know one thing for sure. I don’t like worms in my kitchen. I don’t even like worms in my backyard, though I am sure they are there, I can overlook them there, because, well, I don’t cook my TV dinners there. So while I was spraying bugs on my ceiling today I decided no more signs for me. Life was good when I took God’s plan one day at a time. I liked being clueless. I just did what I felt I was led to do at the time. I didn’t need His divine plan laid out in front of me. He showed me what He needed me to do one person at a time, and as I was led, I did it. And I was happy. No bugs in my kitchen. No stress in my life. Yup, let someone else be God’s prophet, I will stick to being His servant. One cemetery, one teenager, one kind word at a time.


2 thoughts on “Signs from God…

  1. Oh, gross! Seriously, I’m laughing and grimacing at the picture you painted, but that is seriously disgusting.

    I’m right there with you, by the way…one day at a time and going where I’m led. All the signs are there and the stress was killing me…

  2. Yup, one day at a time. I know there is no way I would want to be God. Too much stress in that job. LOL Today was a much better day for me.
    Sorry about the picture I painted, try living the reality… SHUDDER And I am such a clean freak. LOL But we are just going to move onward and forward.

    Maybe it won’t take a plague of worms to get my attention next time.

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