Praising God…

Beat, beat, beat…
Yup, her little heat beat’s to it’s own drummer. But it’s an okay drummer. The cardiologist said her heart looks great! He saw nothing wrong with it today and said she was fine. So now my heart has returned to its normal beat, beat beat as well.

And so we are still on the path of why is she so tired. And I think we have stumbled on the cause. Seasonal allergies. Took her back to the doctor today because she was complaining of a sore throat and it was making her sick at her stomach. Doctor said throat, ears, etc looked fine. So like most of us here in the Deep South, I think she has entered the age of Seasonal allergies. And all this rain hasn’t helped. So we are trying a new allergy medicine to see if that perks her up. If it does, then we may have figured out what has been causing her to feel so bad. If not, then we will head back to the doctor for more workups, because that’s what we mom’s do. But I am thinking that good ole Southern plants a dieing for fall and allergies may be the whole reason for a good portion of her malaise.

At any rate, we are praising God for the fact that she has nothing wrong with her heart. For that we are thankful beyond measure. The fast rate, he said is normal in thin children her age. Now to put some weight on those bones. Yeah, right. I didn’t gain an ounce until I was pregnant with her brother and I don’t think she needs any children at 12, so we are just going to have to try something else.

Also praising God, my “visitors” appear to have left my kitchen. Haven’t seen any today. We’ll see if they come back next month. Stay tuned, you’ll hear the screaming. LOL


One thought on “Praising God…

  1. I will say again, I am just so happy to hear that news. Phew! Allergies? Those you can deal with…

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