Chocalot, chocalot…

What a wonderful world… Yes, we had a good Halloween. We always celebrate Halloween. I have never seen it as an evil holiday. I mean come on. Free candy, dress up clothes, happy kids, free candy, exercise, how did this holiday get a bad rap? I mean seriously? I love this holiday. I dress up the kids, send them to the neighbors, who give them enough free chocolate to last me until Christmas and that’s a lot of Chocolate. I won’t need another Reese’s peanut butter cup until spring. Why don’t we do this again for Easter?

#3 had a party. Invited her best bud. He’s such a sweet heart. Him and 15 girls at a party. All the moms were feeling sorry for him, but personally, I think he had it made-the only rooster in the hen house. He had the pick of the litter. Seriously this kid just had to smile and a girl got him pizza, another brought him drink, yet another asked him if he wanted to go trick or treating, she’d carry his bag. I think he knew he had a good thing going. Let’s just hope that one party didn’t ruin him for life.

We ate pizza and apples and candy and the kids ran it off while the mom’s gossiped it off and the guys (Hubby and #1) watched football. It was the perfect party. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried, thing is I didn’t. I just threw some boxes of pizzas on the counter, poured some caramel on some apples and let the neighbors give the kids candy. I am telling you Halloween is the perfect family holiday. Why do so many people get stressed at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Three words. Sit Down Dinners If we cooked a turkey and then sent the kids door to door for the green been casserole and the rolls and sweet potatoes, we’d all be happier and less stressed come the New Year. I am thinking of starting a new tradition. Door to door holidays. We will all cook and then go door to door with our plates to fill them up at each other’s houses. We won’t know what we are eating until we get home with a plate full of goodies. Dad will have to check the food to make sure it doesn’t contain any evil Thin Mints. If not, then we can partake of it where ever you can find a spot in the living room or front porch. After dinner, you will play tag in the front yard to run off the chocolate cake you got three doors down. No more stress, no more “She never comes to our house for dinner.” No more “They never help me with the dishes.” The holidays will now be a neighborhood affair just like Halloween. All dishes will be individually wrapped. Think I can sell my idea to Hallmark and make a million dollars, because you know I am now unemployed….

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