Good Bye’s

Friday is my last day at work. I am taking a much needed break from working to care for my family. My youngest especially needs mom at home for a while. Today I told my mom’s at the Preschool so they could tell their kids. I love my preschool kids like my own. I make sure they eat all their lunch. I make sure their noses are wiped and faces are cleaned. I give out hugs and discipline in equal measure. I am mommy when mommy isn’t there. That is my job as teacher’s aide. I love what I do, but for a while now I have been very stressed and I felt like I needed a break. And so two weeks ago, I turned in my notice.

Monday I prayed God would show me one more sign I had done the right thing. Something beyond the friends saying “You are doing the right thing.” Or Hubby saying, “We don’t need the money.” Or Mom saying, “She needs you at home.” Today, He blessed me beyond measure. My replacement showed up to apply for my job…

One of my mom’s from last year came in to apply for a job as a substitute. I told her Friday was my last day, and she applied for my job. Last year she filled in for me when I was on vacation, so she knows how to do my job and she gets along great with the teacher. I just pray they hire her. It would be such a relief to know she was my replacement. I could leave knowing my children would be so well taken care of. I wouldn’t feel like I was leaving them short handed, but rather like I was just passing on the baton in a race. I left feeling so up beat.

I know Friday will be sad as I tell my children goodbye for the last time. But I am excited about the Hellos that are coming. I haven’t done any genealogy in months. Haven’t even gotten any genealogy emails. This week alone I have gotten 3 new cousins emailing me. I can’t wait to start corresponding with them. How great it is going to be to have time again to work on the new research we are going to find together!

Yes, God opened a door and asked me to walk out of it and in it walked my replacement. Now I know that He is standing somewhere holding another door open for me, waiting for me to get there, and the person waiting there for me is waiting just as eagerly for me to get there for that “job” as I was for my replacement today. That job may be mom, daughter, wife, or maybe He has another career in mind for me. I don’t know. But I am excited about what the future holds, because I will have some free time next week to finally put up my Thanksgiving decorations!


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