I am Freezing…

This is not a good sign. The thermostat says it is 73 degrees in my house. I have on a jacket. My hands are blue. I am shivering. Something isn’t right here. Why am I so cold? I know it’s not really that cold in here, yet I can’t stop shaking. It’s like my body thinks it’s 45 degrees. I hope I am not getting sick. I am not in the mood to be sick.

It’s not even that cold outside. In fact it was warm outside when I came in from work a few hours ago. My guess is it’s cooler now, but not that much.

Even the heat from the keyboard feels good. I am literally warming my hands over the keyboard. Makes me miss my old laptop that overheated. With that computer, my hands were never cold. I unplugged my space heater yesterday so I could clean under my desk. I think it may be time to find where I put it. Yes, I am a summer girl. I love it hot. Any thing under 75 degrees and I am cold. I don’t like winter sports, I hate snow. My dream vacation is anything on the equator. I long to live on Maui. Clothes, in my opinion, should be optional year round. So here I sit in my house, with the temperature on 73, freezing, wishing the sun was coming up, not going down. I know it is only going to get colder as the night goes on, not warmer. Yup, it’s time to get out the heating pad, and electric blanket so I can read my email. I swear I don’t know how you people in those Northern states do it…


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