Typical Monday around here…

I am cleaning house… Well, winterizing actually. Getting ready for the cold months and the smoky months. Our idiot neighbors love to burn anything they can get their hands on, and the more it smokes the better. For years now I have threatened to put up plastic on the windows, and Hubby has protested. This year he lost. And you know what, once it is done and the curtains are back up, you can’t even tell it is there. I did one room and the only reason he knew I’d done it was the over-sized door we don’t use had to have two pieces, so it didn’t shrink right and so you can tell that there’s plastic on it. The rest of the windows just look like windows. And already (only done 3 rooms) I have had to turn down the thermostat. You think your house is air proof, but I guarantee unless it’s brand new it’s not.

So I a fall cleaning one room at a time, pulling out stuff and cleaning behind it, YUCKY DUSTY, and putting up my plastic and washing windows. My allergies are going nuts, but I figure it’s worth it considering I won’t have to smell smoke all winter. The first night of smoke about killed me. The next night, I’d done the two rooms on that side of the house and you could barely smell it at all. So now I can work more slowly which my back muscles greatly are thankful for.

So today I have taken the car to the shop only to find out nothing was wrong with the brakes. Washed my sheets and comforter, since I was working in my room and bathroom today. Done the windows in my bathroom (4 to be exact). Washed the curtains in my bathroom. Hope to get my laundry washed tonight. If I get those chores done, I am calling it a day. The girls cleaned up on Friday because they wanted friends to come over, so the rest of the house is straightened. Got my office done last Thursday. It is so much warmer in here now. Don’t even need my space heater. I think Hubby is going to like having a lower electric bill this winter… Wonder if I can make up for my part time job by saving on the electric bill? 😉

Praying for Baby Stellan as he has his ablation today. Hope all goes well. Know what he’s going to go through today, since #1 had his 2 years ago. It is not an easy procedure (doctor never uses the term surgery). Praying he doesn’t need a pacemaker. It can be a complete cure to SVT, but the procedure itself is not without risks. They stop the heart during the procedure, they start high rates of SVT in the patient to see how the heart handles SVT. They have to use the paddles to stop SVT. Please pray for this family and all other children getting ablations this week. Thank you Lord that #1 is now cured of SVT and that he was older when he had to have his ablation.


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