Yup, it’s raining…

As Ida moves up the middle of the Eastern US, I am once again fighting the urge to nap my way through another rainy day. She’s supposed to drop about three inches of rain on us today alone. It’s a slow steady rain, one of those where you just want to curl up with a cat, a good book and a long nap. But alas, I have plans.

I have my last Physical Therapy class! Yeah, because it has been pure torture. Now I really hurt. Before it was a dull ache. Now my back hurts all the time. Be glad when the stop torturing me every other day. Then lunch with my best friend, minus the practice grandchild. Then home to do some laundry and hopefully reclaim my house from the land of the plastic cup. What is it with my kids and plastic cups. Do they not understand you can reuse them?

Then maybe I can find some free time to work on my genealogy. Why is it that my hobby always comes last? I should get up and do genealogy and then if I get that done, clean house. How long before you think the health department would visit? Personally my own standards are pretty high, so I doubt I’d make it that long… Or maybe I will read a good book or two. Never finished the Great Flu. It was too hard a read. Sorry, but if you are going to write about the Flu, write about the Flu. He bounces around to too many topics and reiterates his points too much for me. This huge book could have been a 100 page novel if he’d just told the story. The flu epidemic itself lasted less time than it took me to read the book.

My kids are off of school tomorrow, so we should get to sleep in late (if Hubby will remember to not wake everyone up at daybreak) and then maybe we can watch some mindless TV. We do that around here occasionally. We have mindless TV DVDs just for that purpose.

Have a happy Veteran’s Day. Here’s a shout out to my favorite three: My father-in-law (who served in Korea), my brother-in-law (retired and survived the attack on the Pentagon) and my nephew (who served in Iraq). I hope they have a great day tomorrow!


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