What Have I Been Doing…

Hunting Rabbits…

Well, really bunny, dust bunnies… When our puppy got so sick, we kept him in the house 24/7. He was shedding terribly, because his yeast had gone into over drive and he was scratching all the time and so our house was full of fur when we had him put down. I cleaned house, but it seems that fur has a way of getting behind and under things and well, I read online that dust bunnies (which are apparently alive by the way) eat their own poop, and so they had been accumulating and so now that I am home, I have been taking one room at a time, and cleaning under and behind things.

When I pull out things I don’t find those swirling flying dust bunnies you are accustomed too either, but rather, rugs of fur and dust. Yes, you read that right, rugs of fur and dust. This dog was losing mountains of fur each day. Now I am not a big fan of animals in the house anymore. After years of two cats in the house and now a dog. I am so done. We have hardwoods, and so every speck of dust shows up. I am tired of cleaning it up. Hopefully this will be my last time… I mean the rugs, I realize the swirls will always be with us.

Which leaves me to why I am sharing…

My Hubby is not done and his mom is a cat lady. You know, the sweet little old ladies who never met a cat that she didn’t need. The one who always has a kitten in need of a home and can only part from it IF and ONLY IF you will give it a good home. And we are scheduled to visit her in 312 hours. I have that long to brain wash him into understanding that though we have a near perfect marriage of 24 years and I love him beyond life itself and I could forgive him almost anything, if he brings home something with fur, I think it just might be grounds for divorce in this state.

I am serious here. I do not want to litter box train another animal. I do not want to bottle feed it. I do not want to buy new curtains because it’s tiny claws tore up the ones I have. I like the ones I have. I do not want to smell urine on my towels if the kids forget to hang them up to dry. (Pet or human for that matter). I do not want to have to own a lint brush for my car, for my purse… I do not want people to say, “Oh I see you have a cat…” when I am at the grocery store, not because I am buying cat food, or litter, but because I have food or litter on my being… Yes, people I am done with pet ownership. I have owned, since I got married, 2 cats, 3 dogs-don’t even get me started on the inbred springer spaniels, 5 birds, too many hamsters to enumerate, several hundred guppies (part of a science project gone bad) which also then came with a sucker fish (don’t even know what it was called) named Lolly that got as big as a new born that you could not kill, because she ate bacteria off the bottom of the tank-the dirtier the tank, the bigger Lolly got, a frog-also a school science project gone bad-it died 14 times before I finally flushed it, gerbils-can people really tell the difference in them and hamsters… I did tell #3 she could have a pet if she wanted another now that the dog is gone. A small caged, non-smelly another. She wanted a feret. I drew the line because I can’t get past Ricky Tikki Tavi, though I don’t think he was a ferret, but rather a mongoose, but is there really a difference when they are in your living room? I mean seriously. I just remember that movie from second grade and it being really violent. Don’t have a clue what the plot was about. Maybe I need to read it again. LOL

So anyway, that is what I have been doing. Killing sweet innocent bunnies… You?


2 thoughts on “What Have I Been Doing…

  1. I’m there…I’m so there…I didn’t realize it, but the relief I felt when we were done fostering those cats was palpable. As for Riki Tikki Tavi, the mongoose saves the kid by going after the cobra. He was the hero. Having said that, I’d still say no to a ferret, but, they, that is just me!

    Hope your husband lives through the visit by holding firm in the face of his mother’s influence!

  2. Yeah, I think it is the fight with the cobra that I remember. I remember it being pretty violent. I don’t like ferret because of the smell either. My migraines make smells more intense than normal.

    If he doesn’t, he may just get to stay with her.:)

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