Someone Tell Me It’s Not Just Me…

Okay, so we get ready to make Ginger Bread Houses. All you have to do is take 1 TSP of water and put it with the pre-measured icing mix, put it in a mixing bowl and then put it on the pre-made Ginger Bread houses. How hard could this be, right…

Well, first off, where is my mixing bowl? Most likely in the old dog pen. #3’s job was to feed the dog and she was constantly getting in trouble for using my good dishes for doing so, like apparently my Pyrex mixing bowl that I paid a pretty penny for and now that it’s Christmas and I will want to do some baking, I can’t seem to find anywhere. It apparently is in the backyard somewhere.

So I get down another bowl that will do. Then I begin to look for my nice set of measuring spoons. You know the nice red set I bought to match my kitchen from Kitchenaide when I repainted last year. I looked and looked. No measuring spoons. Seems she may have needed those to dig a hole when she and the dog were playing King of the Mountain last summer. Seriously? (This child is twelve in case you are wondering, and no we do not have a sand box.)

So I finally get a bowl that will do, a tablespoon that might be the right size and get out my mixer and in the middle of mixing the batter, my mixer dies. Both beaters fall completely out of the mixer in a trail of smoke. I am not kidding. I look at #3 with smoke in my eyes. She says, “Don’t look at me, Daddy’s the one that mixed the mortar mix.” Seriously…. With my mixer.

No wonder I don’t cook for these people. They don’t appreciate a fine kitchen or good food. Throw some chicken nuggets at them from a drive through window and they are happy. Try and whip up a three coarse meal and you will pull your hair out trying to find where they have hidden all the dishes and appliances. I don’t even want to know why I can’t find the bread maker…


2 thoughts on “Someone Tell Me It’s Not Just Me…

  1. ROFL! Um, I was right there with you until the mixer! Superman and the kids are completely guilty of “losing” my bowls and measuring spoons, pans and tupperware, but even they are too scared of me to use my hand mixer for mortar..although, now that I think of it, the beaters did, quite suddenly, get wobbly…hmmmm…

  2. Oh good, then my family is still normal. LOL So Santa at least has a pretty easy list for me this year, though I better get them early if they want Christmas (or Thankgiving for that matter) dinner.

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